Friday, 20 June 2008

Because this is...Friday!

For my last couple of runs, I have put my iPod on shuffle as opposed to listening to one of my running playlists. It’s a bit of a crapshoot because I have a lot of odd stuff on there—numerous language learning audio tracks as well as a bunch of instrumental music (mostly movie soundtracks like Gladiator or Last of the Mohicans) because I can’t listen to music with lyrics while reading. It messes up my train of thought which is pretty weak to begin with.

Anyway, during my run Thursday morning, the iPod shuffled onto Michael Jackson’s Thriller.* I honest to god almost started to dance right on the park trail. Vincent Price’s haunting voice transported me straight into the music video and I could recall almost all of the moves involved in the dance sequence. I think Ellen will be the only one to truly understand how out of character this is for me. I don’t really dance...ever. Unless I’m liquored up, but that doesn’t happen very often.

Luckily I restrained myself and kept on running, though I think I had a smile on my face through the rest of the song as I laughed at myself.

To wish someone well in an endeavor, the Italians sometimes say ‘forza’. Literally, it means strength.

I would like to wish fellow running blogger Viperforza’ in his suicide mission Summer Solstice Challenge tomorrow. Viper: stay strong, stay upright and, if all else fails, try to make sure you take someone else down with you as you collapse. The more casualties, the more likely you are to get immediate medical attention. Good luck!

Buon weekend tutti!

Italian Phrases of the Day:
From Vanilla’s pick-up lines for runners:

Ci sono due modi da realizzare l’obiettivo del ritmo cardiaco: puoi correre o posso sfilare la mia camicia.
There are two ways to reach your target heart rate: you can run or I can take off my shirt.

Togliamo le scarpe da corsa e ti mostrerò ‘il mio controllo del movimento’.
Let’s kick off these running shoes and I’ll show you my ‘motion control’.

#69 and 68 from the AFI movie quotes list:

Ecco loro sono!
They're here!’ (Poltergeist, 1982)

Ecco è Giovanni!
Here's Johnny!’ (The Shining, 1980)

* I allow myself to listen only to pre-molester MJ music. If I had to narrow it down further to pre-plastic surgery MJ, I wouldn’t be able to listen to anything but the Jackson Five. That just doesn't fly with me.


Marcy said...

I do that a lot! I have a very hard time controlling myself from bustin a move LOL

Good tip for Viper! Hope he keeps that in mind LOL

Viv said...


I don't think I could have restrained form a crotch grabing and mybe a lil moonwalk.

The Gladiator CD is one of the best! "We Are Free" LOVE it!

RazZDoodle said...

Does anyone remember when MTV played the full version of Thriller at the top of every hour? That was, of course, when MTV played videos. Ah, those were the days.

Viper said...

Thanks for the good wishes! At the very least I'll make sure to ease into death in the middle of the trail so as to become a speed bump for all those bikers.

Cheers and ... well ... farewell!

Nitmos said...

Videos on MTV? I thought that was a reality TV station?

Ted said...

I was wondering if you did the moonwalk during your run. I think those bloody Britons will wonder what you are up to.

Viper really cracked me up with his comment.

Mark Salinas said...

Music is always a good jump start for me when I hit a tough moment during my workouts!

chia said...

Ya, I can relate... my thing is always "locomotion."

I'm "that girl" doing the train thing with my arms down singing along bopping my head. I really have no shame.

The Laminator said...

If anyone can bust MJ moves while running, I know you can!

Meg said...

I need to teach my cat how to dance like that!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You almost broke out dancing, huh? And to Thriller? Excellent. It's nice to see that all those years of living together in college and me forcing you to listen to N'Sync has paid off. Sort of.