Friday, 1 August 2008

From the Mixed-Up Files of Ms Xenia T Nerdgirl

This whole post is going to be a mishmash of randomness. I can’t keep a single thought in my head for more than a minute these days, so now you poor people are going to suffer for it.

On with the brain farts!

Weak in the knees
After my run last night, I sat down like a good little girl and input the data into my running log. Realizing it was the last day of the month, I looked at my total mileage for July. 97.8 miles. I couldn’t believe it. 2.2 freaking miles away from 100! I almost booked it out of the house then and there to run those miles, but I didn’t and for a very good reason.

For almost two weeks now, my knees have felt a bit weak. It was the major reason behind my decision to change my Wednesday hill session into a regular speed work run on the much more forgiving surface of the park path (well, that and I wanted to avoid a potential trip to the pokey). My knees have actually been improving over the last few days, but I didn’t want to jinx it, hence my sub-100 mileage for July. Eh, no biggy, it’ll happen sooner or later.

Day at the Museum
Thursday was field trip day for me. I took the choo-choo train to London and visited the British Museum to see the Hadrian exhibit. All was good (though no photography allowed in the exhibit – boo!) and I got to poodle around the rest of the joint and take some photos.

Some of the galleries were closed for renovation, which means I didn’t get to ogle the Isle of Lewis chess pieces again. [Editor’s note: I can’t play the game worth a damn, but I still love it.] Plenty left to see, though so I didn’t complain. Well, at least not overly much.

Cuneiform tablet. (And I thought reading my students' handwriting was difficult.)

Egyptian mummies. (I see dead people.)

Roman period Egyptian sphinx. (Does this remind anyone else of The Neverending Story?)

Stone scarab. (That's one big ass bug.)

As it’s summer, the place was super crowded with tourists which increased the temperature in the building about ten-fold. Previously I’ve discussed my fear of experiencing a spin class dutch oven, but I’m pretty damn sure I endured a museum version yesterday. DAYUM! [Editor's note: Marcy, I hope you don't mind me stealing your exclamation. It's too good not to use.] What the hell have these people been eating? Also, why do Europeans find deodorant unnecessary? I assure you it’s not. I can’t even count the number of times I nearly passed out from catching a strong whiff of someone’s B.O. The olfactory sense is definitely overrated sometimes.

While in London, I stopped by Apex and picked up some BodyGlide. I tried it out on my run last night and it seemed to work fine. I’ll give it some more time before I report in with an official verdict though.

However, one thing I did not like about BodyGlide—the sticker price. I had to lay down 12 GBP for that stick, which amounts to about $24. Holy crapola, people! That is some expensive stuff. It better last me til the next ice age or I’m going to feel ripped off.

Fun Finds
Because I’m a giver, I thought I would share these wonderful internet gems with you all.

Courtesy of my friend B, who has to be the world’s greatest carnivore, I present to you the 7 Hamburgers of the Apocalypse. The only one I would even bother with would be #2, but I don’t think I could even make it through a quarter of that thing before blowing chunks. I can’t believe that skinny midget girl was able to eat the whole damn thing. Crickey.

As my iTunes was randomly shuffling the other day, it came upon a classic Heart song ‘All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You’. This is the only song I know of that celebrates the art of spermjacking. [Editor’s note: If there are others, please do correct me.]

It took me a while as a kid to realize exactly what the song was talking about. The lyrics just beg to be mocked and I was all set to do that until I realized someone out there in the blogosphere must have already done this. I was right. Check out Anatomy of a Love Song. You’ll be glad you did.

On that glorious note, let me wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Ci vediamo lunedì. (See you Monday)


Mark Salinas said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing...I have always been fascinated by those mummies!

Theresa said...

Wow, nearly 100 miles! You rock!!

Marcy said...

Bummer I no pics of the Hadrian exhibit. I was hoping that we'd get to see some :-( But mummies, scarabs, and sphinxes are cool, and YES that looks exactly like the sphinx in Neverending Story.

$24 for a freekin stick of BodyGlide?!?! Good Lord! I think I only paid $9 here. But the good news is that it does last awhile (at least for me, but I only have to use it on my toes)


Ooohh, and you know I didn't make that word up LOL It's all good in the hood ;-)

Crabby McSlacker said...

So your title referenced one of my favorite kid's books of all time! I think perhaps I need to go back and read it again. (Unless I've missed a much more current reference, which is of course entirely possible).

Xenia said...

You have it right, Crabby. It's one of my favorites too. :)

Laura said...

I love love love the title reference - great book :)

Lily on the Road said...

Highway robbery on the Bodyglide front! That just sucks...

When I was a Flight Attendant, the other girls would all go shopping when we landed somewhere and I would head off to scour the museums and art galleries!! (not literally)LOL, I Love it! Thanks for taking me back to London!!

Have a great weekend!

tfh said...

Now, if only your next post title references The Westing Game, you will have covered the two books that Made Me Who I Am Today.

Great job on the mileage! And very cool photos-- not as good as actually being there, but when weighed against the prospect of numerous others' b.o., not bad at all.

Kevin said...

Great pics from the museum

That really is a ripoff on the bodyglide. Thats like 3 times what we pay here in the states

Viper said...

Good job on those miles, slacker.

Spermjacking ... yikes.

MizFit said...


Im smitten.


Running Knitter said...

now I'm craving a burger.
Have a great weekend!

Viper said...

This post directly led to me having a burger for lunch, and I think it may have been the 8th burger of the Apocalypse ... a chipotle bleu cheese and bacon 1/3-pounder ... ooph! Have a good weekend.

Jenn N Butter said...

Wow... I don't think I ever really listened to all the words of that song. Now I want to go back through my 80's collection and see what else I have missed.

I am so jealous about the museums, I love them. Great pics though.


Viv said...

Umm I will take claim to dayum since i learned on a message board and have been palluting it over blog world. HAHAHAH! I have prolly emailed Marcy with it a few times too. OK the mummy thing freaked me a little.
LMAO at all I wanna do is make love to you. Spermjacking is so what it is about...why can;t she go to a sperm did she know she was ovulating when having her shibang with the dude...did she get pregnant...did the other guy know it was not his...

so many unswered questions that song leaves.

The Laminator said...

Xenia...funny post...didn't know the proper use of spermjacking until today!

Anyhoo...thanks for the encouraging comments on my marathon. It was very much appreciated!

Meg said...

Nice job on approaching 100 miles! Isn't this the month you were worried about even getting runs in because you were on site?

BeachRunner said...

Great job on running almost 100 miles. Nice pics too. Holy S, that Brit version of Bodyglide is expensive!