Friday, 10 October 2008


My tempo run yesterday yielded some pretty interesting numbers. Four miles at an average pace of 9:55. Squeeze me, what did I just type?! I recrunched the numbers three times to make sure that was right. That’s just two seconds slower per mile than my 5K PR pace. And this was just a tempo run on some hilly terrain. Things are beginning to look up for me speed-wise.

The soon-to-be-marathoning Roisin (good luck, buddy!) has tagged me. I’m supposed to list six random things about myself and then tag ten other people. I’ll list the randomness, but I’m half-assing the tag bit. I’m tagging Razz (ha ha sucker!) and then anyone else who hasn’t been tagged but wants to do it or just needs some blog fodder.

Okay, here we go:
1. I’ve never skied or ice skated even though I grew up in NH.

2. I applied to be on the Amazing Race with Ellen. We obviously were not accepted. My sister and I then planned on applying together (you’re not allowed to apply with the same person more than once), but I am currently ineligible because I live abroad. (A-holes.)

3. I have a history of ganglion cysts (thanks for the genetic ‘gift’, Mom). They’re benign little bastards that reside in and around my wrists. I had one removed from the top of my left wrist when I was 19. Two small ones have cropped up over the last couple of years, one on the side of my left wrist and one on the top of my right wrist. (FYI, mine aren’t anywhere near as prominent as the ones pictured on the Wiki page. Those are gross.) If and when I need to get them removed (only if they cause me pain, which currently they do not), I’m going to end up with a bunch of scars that make me look like a depressed idiot who doesn’t know how to commit suicide properly. Oy.

4. Speaking of scars, I have a scar which runs down the center of my lower lip. When I was two, I fell down and broke my lip open on a lollipop stick. Thankfully I ended up needing just one stitch. For the longest time there was a little dot of scar tissue beneath my lower lip that looked a bit like a whitehead. Not pleasant to have especially as I entered my teen years. But eventually my lips filled out some and that little dot is now no longer visible.

5. I’m currently working on my fourth university degree and have just begun my twelfth year as a student in higher education. Afraid of the real world much? It’s amazing how overeducated yet unknowledgeable I am.

6. I’m afraid I may alienate a lot of you with this last random personal fact, but whatever. I don’t often drink alcohol. It’s not a religious, moral or medical thing. I just don’t like the taste of it. This makes me a complete anathema to the archaeological community since archaeologists have a tendency towards alcoholism. I guess it helps them forget why they decided to pursue a career with no job prospects. Anyway, I’ve tried loads of different drinks (beer, wine, most hard liquors, a million different cocktails), but all of it tastes like poo to me. I’m still open-minded and will have a glass of champagne at a wedding or try someone’s drink at the pub if they offer, but otherwise I just end up having water or a soda. Yes, I do know how unutterably boring I am.

Okay, that’s way more than enough about me. Good luck to all you racers this weekend. I can’t wait to hear all about your triumphs come Monday. I’m especially interested in the reports of you marathoning virgins. So far Chia’s account has scared the ever-loving hell out of me (I heart you, Chia, but your marathon experience was freaking brutal!), so I need some reassurance that my decision to run Florence isn’t completely mad. Yes, I’m selfish.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Marcy said...

#3 isn't bad! Even the wiki pics I thought were kinda cool (I'm weird, I guess LOL) For whatever reason I was thinking it would be a clump of warts or something. Clearly my brain is not functioning because DOH if they were warts they would be called that :P

There is nothing wrong with #6! One of my best friends from college is like that as well. She was always a hit in school because we had a built in driver LOL

Viper said...

That's why they call it an acquired taste. You say you've tried, but obviously you're not trying hard enough. How are you ever going to drink that man under the table just before Indiana Jones gets there to whisk you off on your global, archaeological adventure? Isn't THAT why you got into digging in the dirt?

tfh said...

Great job on upping the tempo pace!

These six things are so intriguing. I keep finding I have little things in common with fellow bloggers, typically unfortunate things. In your case, I also get ganglion cysts from my mother.

Roisin said...

Thanks! I'll keep you posted...the temperatures are creeping up, so things don't look good for me at the moment.

I had no idea archaeologists tended toward alcoholism. All the better then, with you NOT drinking.

Viv said...

Loved your randoms, girl! You are too funny!! Amazing Race i would have actually watched if you were on. Tell them that...
I know Chai scared the shit outta me for marathon forever. LOL!

Xenia said...

Marcy--I too became the designated driver. Fine by me. :)

Viper--Forgive me, oh boozemaster. [Insert sarcasm here]

I can't deny that Harrison Ford (20 years ago) helped entice me into archaeology, but he's not the main reason. I've never envisioned myself as only a sidekick or damsel in distress. My innate tolerance will enable me to win the drinking game and then I'll whisk myself away onto adventure. Everything else will fall into place after that.

tfh--Thank god I’m not the only one who gets these. They’re a pain, aren’t they?

Roisin--Not much else to do when you’re trapped in the middle of nowhere with only a few local bars to pass the time at. The drunken sexcapade stories I could tell you are almost frightening... ;)

Viv--Thanks for that. :)

P.O.M. said...

Don't let Chia scare you. I will admit that my first marathon scared me and was not HALF as good as my second. So just stick with it. The feeling afterwards is what it's all about.

Laura said...

Regarding the alcohol: my blog is certainly alcoholic, but I really hate the taste of alcohol. I am EXTREMELY good at mixing drinks that taste like juice but will get you wasted. If we ever meet up, I'll make one for you.

The Laminator said...

Xenia, love the random bits.

Don't let others scare you about the marathon. You just have to be a little focused in your training and then run your own race. You'll be fine.

Good luck to you. And you're right. You are making good progress with your speed.

Jess said...

nice job on the tempo run speeds!

atrusni said...

So you are an archaeologist??, well that is very interesting!!

I also know some people that do not drink, and to tell you the truth, I have been drinking less and less every day, and started to realize that drinking actually takes a lot of your personal time!!!

I also have a little ball on my wrist. It comes out once every year, but after a while, it goes out again. I do not worry about it, I have heard that if you take it out with an operation chances are it will come out again.

Well, enjoy your running at Italy, great country!!

Marenda said...

You write very well.