Wednesday, 8 October 2008


The title of this post is an homage to Jeopardy, my favorite game show ever (besides the one in the 80s where the contestants kept shouting ‘No whammies! No whammies!’), because basically I’ve got nothing of import to say so you’re now going to be inundated with the randomness of my mind and photo files. Good luck, young paduas!
  • I’m sensing a pattern developing here with my running. My alarm screeched at 7 am this morning, but I shut it off and went back to sleep. Here’s hoping tomorrow works better for me...and that there is no retaliation from the anti-procrastination weather gods. Eek!
  • My best friend Ellen emailed me one of the best blogs ever: Scottish Actors! I love me a soft burr and some Gerard Butler, as has been well documented on this blog in the past. Yum...
  • And just so I’m not accused of sexism (again), here’s a little something for the men.
Probably not a native Italian. Just a guess though.

This poster was plastered all over most of the metro stations as of the end of last week. Why is it remarkable, you ask? Because I saw the photo shoot during one of my first early morning runs around the Colosseum a few weeks ago. I wondered what the photos were going to be used for and now I know. Obviously it was a rush job considering the posters went to print in less than a couple of weeks. Apparently that didn’t give them enough time to Photoshop out her black undies either. Tsk.
  • Can I get a hairdryer? Apparently not. A couple of us ladies here at the Nerditorium have been on the hunt for hairdryers, but we’ve been S.O.L. for about a week. No one has any. Department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets? Niente. I didn’t bring one with me because, well frankly there was no space available in my already overstuffed luggage and I also didn’t want to chance blowing a fuse either in the building or in the actual hairdryer itself (and I’ve actually witnessed both happen). I’ve had to keep my hair up in a claw clip for days and it’s beginning to annoy the hell out of me. My friend Canadia (can you tell where she hails from?) and I searched high and low today. We found plenty of shoe stores, stationeries, department stores, violin shops and even a place that sells archery equipment. Finally we came across this tiny hole in the wall shop which mostly sold pet supplies but, miraculously, they had one travel hair dryer which Canadia purchased. She’s been sick for the last few days so I let her have it. I’m a good friend, aren’t I? (grrrr...)
  • What did I find today while out and about? A rubbish bin a fuoco (on fire)!

Hope the Italian Oscar the Grouch wasn't in there...

Random, but just plain awesome nonetheless.
  • People at the Nerditorium are slowly finding out about me running the Florence marathon. The rise in my stress levels seems to directly correspond to the increasing number of people who know about the marathon. As my father would say in his lovely broken English, ‘This no good.’
  • A friend said I should wear a toga while running the marathon. I vetoed it because of chafing issues, but there might end up being a laurel wreath involved on race day. As long as I don’t end up looking like a wannabe Jesus, I guess it won’t be too bad.
  • If you haven’t already heard, Viv’s having another weight loss challenge! This blogger is most definitely signing up so I can get my weight down for race day. If you’re interested, head on over to her blog and sign up now! All the cool kids already have. ;)
That’s it for me today. Later gators.


Frayed Laces said...

Dude...trying to lose weight while training for a marathon is SO HARD.

BeachRunner said...

Nice, selfless, job finding a hair dryer and giving it up. How is it working out for your friend?

Marcy said...

"wannabe Jesus" ROFLMAO! Hey if you're gonna run a marathon you might as well do it all out, right?

tfh said...

I don't know, during my last visit to Italy I observed that see-through outergarments and dark undergarments seemed to be quite the for hair, I find the only time I don't want to tear mine out is when it's in a big butterfly clip. My motto: at least it's not a scrunchie.

Meg said...

No hairdryers? You're kidding me. I bet even Italian men use them, they've got to be hiding somewhere.
Toga chafeage?
I'm in on that weight challenge. I don't know that I lost weight during training, but it definitely became redistributed to muscle, which was cool. And you'll want to eat more, so FL is right about losing weight being hard...but at the very least it will keep you from gaining weight. Good luck!

Nitmos said...

If you eat right, the marathon training should shed some pounds naturally anyhow and you won't have to put forth any extra effort. At least, that's a theory I've heard.

RazZDoodle said...

I was never a cool kid. Shocking news, I know.

The Laminator said...

I thinking someone in Italy is hiding all the hairdryers and just not telling you. Figures.

Viv said...

You get bonus points for losing weight while training for the marathon!
No hair dryers What the balls is that about?!
Good luck with the hair. i am such a chick instead of good luck druing peak marathon's all about the hair. hehehee