Friday, 23 January 2009

Night moves

As I corrected in my last post, I did manage to get in 4.5 miles on Wednesday night. It was miserably cold and rainy, but I gotter done, as per my motto for the year. Last night, I sucked it up again and went to the gym to do my 400 m repeats on the dreaded human hamster wheel. Of course I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the damn thing only tracked in kilometers, not miles. So as I was doing my warm-up mile, I mentally calculated how fast I needed to be going in kilometers to hit my repeat times (2:05 – 2:11). I prayed I got it close. Amazingly, I was right on the money. Here are my times:


I wasn’t able to maintain the 2:05 pace for all the repeats. I got pretty tuckered out by the third one, so I decreased the pace. Next time, I’ll try the speeds in reverse order and hopefully I won’t end up feeling like Death’s dirty diaper halfway through.

I’ll be rounding out this week’s runs with another night jaunt this evening (if I ever make it out of the office which sadly does not look likely to happen before 7 pm. Boo!) and an 8 miler over the weekend. I would prefer to do the long run on Sunday, but Mother Nature seems not to want to let that happen. Touché, Mother Nature.

The debonair Count of Monte Christo has tagged me. I’m supposed to name five of my addictions and then tag five more sorry suckers. Well, I’ll skip on directly tagging anyone else, but feel free to assume you’ve been tagged if you need something to blog about.

Okay, here are my five addictions:

1) Books. I willingly chose a career in academia. This one should be obvious.
2) Lemons. I actually eat lemons with a bit of salt. Yes, I know I’m weird. I like most things lemon—lemon cake, lemonade, lemon drops, lemon chicken. In fact, I often use lemon juice on most cooked meats, especially steak, as I don’t really like condiments.
3) Movie trailers. I’m one of those people who gets really irritated if I miss the previews in the movie theater. Watching trailers is also how I do fairly well in movie trivia games even though I haven’t seen most of the films. Now I watch them on the interwebs at
4) Puzzles & brain teasers. I adore playing Sudoku, Bookworm and any kind of puzzle game. It helps prevent my mind going straight to mush with all the vagueness and uncertainty in my academic work.
5) Running. Again, this one should be obvious.

Okay, folks, that’s it from me. Have a great weekend. Catch you again on Monday.


Marcy said...

I *HEART* Bookworm!! I haven't played it in forever but that game is the shiznit! I used to play it all the time but for some reason stopped? That one and Alchemy were my favs :-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

So ... does Death poop some form of cancer or the plague? Check that diaper and answer quick because I got money riding on this!

Most trailers are better than the movies they summarize. I keep current with all things pop-cultural by reading EW. Of course, that didn't stop me from writing "appletini" instead of the correct "Cosmo" in a recent post I did that referenced Sex in the City, which I have never seen on purpose ...

Melanie said...

the trailer one is funny. We had a channel dedicated to trailers that we were able to preview. Drove me nuts, but bf loved it.

tfh said...

I am impressed by your impromptu mental calculations-- must be all that sudoku, eh? Whenever I try to calculate on the run, I usually end up running half as many miles as I'm supposed to and thinking, "Wow, I'm speedy!"

Merry said...

I was trying to think of a way you could combine all your loves into one. Running to catch a movie trailer about books on lemons who love brain games... no. Need caffeine before I try to work this out.
Hope you get out of the office and have a good weekend!

Calyx Meredith said...

I love lemons too but got in trouble with my dentist. Apparently it is possible to eat enough lemons to damage your tooth enamel! Great job on the night run btw.

joyRuN said...

Great job with the speedwork, even if it came in those blasted kilometers AND on a mill!

Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your list of addictions. Great thing that the UK is The place to be with a book addiction.

Great work on the hamster wheel!

Vanilla said...

I'm all about the movie trailers! Even at movies that I really enjoy I'll still tell you that the trailers were the best part.

Lauren said...

I just got caught up in playing Bookworm. Turns out it knows the work Kiva. I usually play chuzzle. I don't like to think that hard at work though.

Roisin said...

Do you also like Limoncello?

The Running Knitter said...

Soduku and bookworm are my faves too!

Ms. V. said...

Books. #1.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

lemons? interesting. I'm with Roisin, go for the limoncello. :D

MCM Mama said...

Good job on the speedwork!

I love soduko, but I recently discovered I CAN NOT do a puzzle while I have two kids interrupting me. I'll have to check out bookworm.

The Laminator said...

I list your list Xenia...all except the lemons part. I'm a lime kind of guy myself which is the same but different!

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed - another time sucking addiction. I had never heard of Bookworm, but I clicked on your link and now I am in love.
Dinner is burning, we're about to be consumed by sentient dust bunnies, and I have SO much to do for work on Monday, but instead i just played Bookworm. For an hour. (Possibly longer.)

Meg said...

Lemons with salt? It's funny you don't like alcohol!