Friday, 24 April 2009

Celebrate good times

This week has been stellar weather-wise with temps in the low to mid 60s F and loads of sunshine. On Wednesday I ate lunch picnic-style with friends in the park as we watched what is possibly the most boring so-called sport in the world – cricket. Seriously, people, if part of the uniform calls for you to wear a sweater vest, it’s not a real sport.

Anyhoo, that hour in the sun resulted in me getting sunburned. No, not on my face. (Thank you moisturizer with SPF.) Instead, I managed to burn the skin on my upper chest exposed by my v-neck shirt. It is of course in the shape of a downward pointing triangle. Truly a classy burn. And apparently quite noticeable since my sister could even see it when we video-chatted later that night.

That’ll teach me to take the English sun for granted. Contrary to popular belief, it does work here. At least sometimes.

They say it’s your birthday...
This weekend is a major birthday milestone for my best friend, Ellen. Sports fanatic that she is, she’ll be spending her b-day watching overpaid baseball players ‘earn’ their keep. It makes her happy though, so I’m all for it.

In honor of Ellen, here’s a David Letterman-esque top ten list of why she is my best friend and ‘adopted’ sister.

10 – Bitched out the desk staff at a London hostel who were going to make me sleep on skanky unwashed sheets.
9 – Shared in my giddy, conspiracy theory-induced fear when we saw a very full body bag being smuggled out of the hospital loading dock across from our dorm by two secret service guys.
8 – Did not mock me too much when I kept watching A League of Their Own for about a month straight. [Editor’s note: In my defense, HBO was playing that movie around the clock at the time. You couldn’t avoid watching it if you tried.]
7 – Was the sole exterminator of the roaches that lived with us sophomore year because I was a total pansy and just ran away from them.
6 – Actually got me interested in baseball for a time.
5 – Sends my mom a Christmas card every year. It’s the first thing my mother shows me when I arrive home for the holidays.
4 – Is the only person I know who can consistently beat me at the movie game.
3 – Stalks celebrities on the streets of NYC and calls me (at least when I lived in the states) while she’s doing it.
2 – Knows and can perform the choreography to almost all ‘N Sync videos. (That’s talent, my friends.)
1 – May actually get to see Colin Firth in the flesh sometime soon and has promised to try to get something for me as a memento. Classy girl that I am, I have asked her to dry hump his leg for me should the opportunity present itself.

Happy birthday, Ellen. Enjoy your day at the ballpark.

And to everyone else—have a great weekend.


joyRuN said...

Oh oh oh oh FIRST!!!

joyRuN said...

Happy birthday to Ellen!

She sounds quite like my BFF, Penny. Penny'll throw a raging fit for my sake at any moment :) While not a celebrity stalker, she is a struggling actress/pediatrician (??) out in LA so I think she actually runs into them out on the streets. That's what I believe of LA anyway.

Lily on the Road said...

Happy Birthday Ellen,

Dry hump Colin's leg for me too please...

Oh #9, perhaps Princess Di finally died??? or QEII going on vacay??

Kristina said...

Can I have Colin's other leg, please?
Oh, and a happy birthday to Ellen!

Jess said...

Happy b-day to Ellen!

Nitmos said...

I love V-neck sunburns. Please tell me you'll find a tractor to ride and complete the look?

Carolina John said...

cool birthday. i got the same sunburn at the masters. just a tiny little V where my shirt collar was open. still hurts like hell.

Lauren said...

Does the opportunity to dry hump Colin Firth's leg ever actually present itself? If so, what am I doing here?

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Ouch, sunburn! That British sun is sneaky that way.

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen!

Merry said...

I don't think even Colin Firth could liven up a cricket match. Well, unless he was wearing his Mr. Darcy shirt and jumped into a pond after each inning, or whatever it's called.

Ace said...

/agree on the cricket/sweater vest comment, rofl. Also when the length of the match is measured in days, its not a good sign....

Ms. V. said...

There's sun in England?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That’ll teach me to take the English sun for granted....

"Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun/ If the sun don't come you get a burn from standing in the English rain."

Name THAT movie!

And by "movie" I mean "song".

And by "song" I of course mean Beatles song!

And don't ask "Who are The Beatles?" - you zygote!

Happy birthday to Ellen.

(Man, I would wet hump Colin Firth for you ... but do I get a shoutout from you for it?)

raulgonemobile said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen.. sounds like a good friend.

Viper said...

Your 'friend' knows how to spend a birthday. Cheers!

Blyfinn said...

I didn't know they had daylight over there. I'm learning so many things today. Even this morning before day break I was able to learn that my 3 yr old son is more then capable of throwing up more then 2 times of what I'm sure he ate yesterday. Did I go to far....

tfh said...

Everybody should have the kind of friend who sends her mother Christmas cards!

I agree about cricket. The only way I've managed to tolerate living with a cricket fan is learning to appreciate just how fine some of those young men can look in a sweater vest.

Anonymous said...

Cricket isn't all bad. It's the only sport that allows you to fall asleep in the during a match and wake up half an hour later without having missed a single thing (if you knew what the f... was going on in the first place).

Happy B-day with your friend!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all for your birthday wishes!!! And a special thanks to Xenia for being my best friend, I love her very much and I'm very lucky to have her in my life.

I loved your top 10 list!
#10: Those French bitches!
#9: I remember we immediately assumed that the body was Dick Cheney's since GWU hospital is where the Dick had his checkups.
#8: League of their Own...I should thank her for not mocking me when I started singing "This Used to be My Playground" by Madonna.
#7: She forgot to mention how we freaked out when we were living in Brookklyn with the water bugs. Our neighbors just LOVED our screaming every night.
#6: "The Sandlot" did the trick!
#3: I have a sixth sense for these things.
#2: It's all about the pop and lock dance move.
#1: I will risk an arrest and a restraining order to get you something. NYPD and Colin Firth, GAME ON.

Marcy said...

LMAO! Hey there is nothing wrong with wanting to call attention to that area HAHA!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! #7 makes her a total keeper in my book. Daannng!