Monday, 27 July 2009

Sink or swim

Friday I had my first swim lesson. And as you can tell from the appearance of this post, I didn’t drown. Woohoo!

My instructor is fabulous. We worked on breathing and proper kicking. This week we’ll be moving on to the various strokes. So far so good. I need to hit the pool a couple of times on my own this week to practice what I’ve learned so far. I’m hoping to do so at the least busiest times for the pool because I feel like a bit of a tool having to break out one of those foam noodle things to swim with. Eh, the trials of the beginning stages.

My running has also been going well lately. I’ve been getting in just over 20 miles for each of the last two weeks. I need to get in at least 12 more miles by Friday in order to beat last month’s total of 64 miles. Perfectly doable, so I’m not worried.

In other running news, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy was taken ill during a run yesterday.

Sarkozy (right) followed by conga line of bodyguards.

He was rushed off to hospital to have a million and one tests done to find out what the problem was. Apparently, it was nothing other than his being a douchenozzle. Can we say weak? Yes, we can.

The only reason I bring this up is that this incident will inflame the hysteria of the ignorant about the perils of running. Every once in a while I come across someone who warns me about how running is bad for me and will grind all my joints to dust, damage my internal organs, etc, etc. Now I’ll probably hear it more frequently thanks to this little news item.

Thanks a lot, you philandering French twit.

To end, I need to mention a little bit of site news. In a month’s time I will be taking off to do fieldwork. That means Diggin’ It will be going dark. I’ll be away for at least six weeks but possibly longer. Just thought I’d let you know early to help minimize the hysteria my absence will inevitably incite. And by that I mean Glaven having (another) mental breakdown. Be strong, buddy. I’m not pulling a TFH, I promise.

Okay, that’s it for me. Hope you all had a great weekend. I’ll catch up with you when I can.

Later gators.


Anonymous said...

All the cons of running that people will think up are absolutely true. Just like the conviction that traveling at speeds greater than 40 K/Hr. would make your blood boil and that, consequently, a train would promise to be an demonic machine that should not be built. Nice to see humanity has progressed ;-)

Have an excellent time doing the fieldwork and keep running and swimming.

Have a great week

Carolina John said...

Glad you dug the swim. it's really a blast.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

With me, mental breakdown is a permanent state of being.

Those who have "occasional" mental breakdowns I call "f*cking tourists"!

Good job not drowning.

Incidentally, those of us who can swim call those noodle things "douchenozzles" - which makes you a douchenozzle pilot. (Which is also what we call someone who has sex with Sarkozy: "Douchenozzle Pilot".)

But at least when yo swim you don't have all that distracting bush hair hanging out thanks to your visit to Sweeney Todd's House of Wax and Fur Burger Emporium.

If you don't find a way to post during those six weeks in the field YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!1!

Hear me?!1?


You can't toy with us like that!

Douchenozzle (Pilot)!1!

Jess said...

Good job with the swim lessons! When do you graduate from "minnow" to "shark"? Heee, heee.

Merry said...

Running? Swimming? Are you going to 'tri' to add cycling to the mix?

I remember when you didn't run at all. You sound like you're enjoying life a lot more now, regardless of whatever opinion your knees might have on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you did not sink like a stone.

And how 'bout that fourth runner? Death looks imminent. He looks like he wants to beat the crap outta Sarkozy, then collapse immediately. Man up, Frenchie!!!

nwgdc said...

I'm with Glaven on this WILL find a way to post. And that is final.
The technologies are amazin' these days. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Theresa said...

Well done on not drowning!

And what did happen to TFH? Does anyone know?

Viper said...

Nice job on the swimming/running. Running is no more dangerous than a bikini wax.

joyRuN said...

Sounds like you'll have to preschedule some posts to appear during your absence to appease the masses (i.e., GP).

Six weeks is a looong time!

Don't sweat the noodle. It's still gotta look better than me throwing my @$$ up out of the water then flailing about pretending to flip turn.

RazZDoodle said...

Look at you all cross-training and stuff. Nicely done!

Roisin said...

Twat not twit, please!

Glad you survived the swim...I would have drowned, for the record.

I think Sarkozy bit it because of the giant headphones he is wearing. Did you see the size of those things? His midget body probably couldn't take the extra weight...

Spike said...

running has the awful side effects of making you look better, healthier, and generally better than everybody else. you have been warned

Mike said...

I think you were a little hard on Sarkozy. He's commander-in-chief of the French army so running away and fainting are job requirements.

Ted said...

Does England really have a swimming pool or do you swim in the Thames river? Good job on the swimming..

I have to say that the French does not know anything about hydrating. All they do is drink wine. Oy oy oy!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ZOMG!1! Now in her comment joyRuB's all talking about "presenting" her @$$ in teh water ... and you, Xenia, with your bikini wax posts ... Diggin It! is fast becoming my one-stop shopping blog for ... um ... "happy" reading material for when I'm "lonely."

And "lubed."

Jamie said...

Congrats on not drowning. Keep up the good work :)

Ali said...

I love your comments on Sarkozy, I just read about it this morning and had the exact thought.

Marcy said...

What?!? I'm so sad :-( I finally get my internets back and you're going dark. Whhaaaaaaaa.

High fivers on the swimming chica, you are a braver soul than i ;-)

X-Country2 said...

Nothing good has come from the french besides toast and fries.

GatorPerson said...

Xenia, would you please go over to the Bar & Grill, look at that pic taken on Arthur's Seat, and give us your best guess of what archeological wonder it is?

Blyfinn said...

Great job with the swimming. I have enjoyed it since I started.

Bonus points for the usage of the word Douchenozzle!