Monday, 12 October 2009

Paint by numbers

My kickin' headgear. Admit it, you're jealous.

I’m back!

Frightening, isn’t it?

Okay, so here’s the rundown of my last two-ish months. And to make it marginally less onerous for you all, I’m doing it bullet point style. (Hi, Razz!)
  • Number of weeks spent in the field: 6.5
  • Number of different nationalities amongst the excavation crew: 14
  • Number of languages I learned to swear in: 5
  • Number of times I swam in the Tyrrhenian Sea: 1
  • Number of times I visited Rome: 4
  • Number of Popeners I came back with: 9
  • Number of said Popeners I will be giving to Diggin’ It readers in one fashion or another: TBA
  • Number of days it took me to catch the Mega Cold from one of the many dirty, germ-ridden people on site: 4
  • Number of WEEKS I spent with the worst head cold ever: 2.5
  • Number of times people shrieked ‘SWINE FLU!’ at me when I coughed or sneezed: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of days I had off from work because of said cold: 0
  • Number of times I was reminded never to taunt karma ever again: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of sunburns acquired: 1
  • Number of kickin’ farmers’ tans acquired: 1
  • Number of mosquito bites acquired: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of times I cursed Mother Nature for creating those stupid useless pests in the first place: total exceeds calculation
  • Depth of the hole I dug: 2.5 meters
  • Number of times the hole needed to be enlarged and/or stepped in order to comply with Italian safety regulations: 4
  • Depth of building rubble that needed to be pick-axed through to get to something representing occupation debris: 1 meter
  • Number of late antique burials uncovered on the site that impeded work towards original research objectives: 14
  • Amount of cool shit uncovered on site: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of ancient shitters uncovered on site: 1
  • Number of times I ran: 2
  • Number of times I wanted to run but was unable to because of Mega Cold, exhaustion and/or late working schedule: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of times I became concerned about potentially beginning marathon training next month with sod all for a base: total exceeds calculation
  • Number of pounds I lost anyway: 5
  • Number of times I thought about you all: a fair few
There endeth the bullet points.

Basically I had a fantastic time minus the no-running bit—met some great people, dug some super archaeology and learned more than I could ever have imagined. Now I’m back and ready to get things back on track with my running.

I have to be completely honest with you though. I took a look at my Google Reader today and the number of unread posts was astonishing so I pressed Mark All As Read to save myself the trouble. So if anything life changing happened to you in the last two months let me know about it in the comments because there’s no way in hell I’m trudging into all of your archives now. Nuh-uh! I need to hang on to the little sanity I have remaining. Forgive me.

All right, folks, that’s it for me. I hope all of you are doing well. I’ll try to catch up with you all soon.

Later gators.


joyRuN said...


joyRuN said...

Now gimme a fucking Popener already!!!

joyRuN said...

BTW, nice to have you back :)

Jamoosh said...

When did a farmer's tan become "kickin'"? Are you messing with me?

Jess said...

Welcome back!

nwgdc said...

How could that much "cool shit" all be from a single "ancient shitter?"

Welcome back!!

Jamie said...

Welcome back! I don't blame you pressing 'mark all as read' I do that when I'm a week behind.

MCM Mama said...

Welcome back! Nice to "see" you again.

Merry said...

Woo hoo! Xenia's back!

There were some articles last month about amazing archeo-whatsit discoveries near Rome -- was that you? Didn't see any pictures of the arche-- of the diggers, so couldn't check on their kickin' tans.

Welcome back!

Viper said...

welcome back.

X-Country2 said...

Weeeee, you're back! My heart skipped a beat when I saw your comment to my post. :o)

Marci said...

Glad your back, and I'm with Joy, one popener please!!

RunningLaur said...

Welcome back! That sounds like one darn exciting hole in the dirt!

Mike Antonucci said...

"So if anything life changing happened to you in the last two months let me know about it in the comments because there’s no way in hell I’m trudging into all of your archives now."

I won the Nobel Peace Prize but other than that it's been pretty slow.

Welcome back!

Roisin said...

As the resident practicing Catholic on your blog, I request a popener. I love the Pope and I love to drink, so it's only fitting.

Welcome back! You've been missed!

RazZDoodle said... leave....the comment....but won't. Maybe later.

Glad to have you back!!!!

Merry said...

elbows Roisin aside

For that matter, I'd love to give my aunt-the-nun a popener. I think it would be a big hit in the convent.

Lily on the Road said...

*anything life changing happened to you in the last two months let me know*,

Nope same ole, same ole, other than I missed you and I'm glad you're back!!

Spike said...

yeah, you're back!!! and you even thought of us? did you think of us as in "wow do I miss my blogger friends," or in a "wow, all my blogger friends don't have to dig a hole today."

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!!

And don't worry about not running. I think we'd all give up running (and possibly our legs and our offspring and all our worldly wealth)to dig up cool, ancient shit in cool, ancient places.

Ted said...

Hooooorraayyy... WELCOME BACK !!!

Tyger Lily said...

Welcome back!

Heather said...

Welcome back!

Kristina said...

But did you get into the London marathon? I didn't :-(
Oh, and welcome back!

Robert James Reese said...

That's a lot of numbers. And I'm bad at math, so it's even worse. :-) Welcome back. Glad your digging was good.

Ms. V. said...

Short form, bullet style:

1. first marathon is this saturday
2. i nearly stopped running

I think that's all for now. Glad you're back.

Theresa said...

Hey, you're back!! Welcome back to the land of rain, where your kickin farmer's tan will soon be a thing of the past.

Missed you!

Oh, and I got a PR in the Paisley 10k, but I haven't actually put up my race report yet, so does that count as missing out?

Carolina John said...

glad you're back baby! we were activly trying to make fun of you whilst gone, but I never could come up with anything good enough. consider yourself lucky.

glad you had a good dig.

Melanie said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear that most things went well!

Marcy said...

Hey baby! I'm so glad to see you back in action :-)

That's a hells a lot of Popeners. Dayum! I was hoping that you'd come back with a "Hot Priest" calendar giveaway LMAO!

Irish Cream said...

Welcome back, girl! It's so great to have you back in blogland! We missed you! (Now can I please have a popener?) :)

Glad to hear that the trip went well!

Calyx Meredith said...

Welcome back - sounds like a great dig. (I totally thought about you as I finally have managed to finish The Source.) Good luck with the marathon training.

carpeviam said...

Yay! You're back...and clearly I find out about this 10 days after the fact. Oops. Obviously I haven't checked my Google Reader. Regardles, YOU'RE BACK! You were missed. It was so BORING around here. ;)