Monday, 11 January 2010

Personal insulation recall

This morning I decided to weigh myself for the first time since before the holidays. I actually weighed myself once while in the states, but I was riding the crimson wave at the time so the number didn’t count. Because I said so, that’s why.

The result? I gained six pounds in three weeks. The number on the scale was one I haven’t seen in nearly two years. Shit on a stick, people, this is not good.

The weight must go before I begin marathon training on February 1st. That gives me three weeks to eat more veggies and less junk and to get my butt moving again.

I tried to make progress today but was stifled by unforeseen circumstances and the madness-inducing treadmill.

I woke late, but still dragged my carcass to the gym, sans Aeolus because the slush-and-snow covered roads are still too treacherous for my wheels. I arrived to find the pool closed for the day (mother f#%$*&!), so I settled on getting 5K in on the dreaded treadmill. I should also point out that I picked today to break in a new pair of shoes and a new pair of insoles (green Superfeet).

Holy god, the treadmill is horrible! It’s just so mind-numbingly boring. My music did nothing to distract me from the mental anguish. How in the hell do you people put up with it?

I made it two miles before I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m consoling myself by saying that it’s good not to push it too far on the first day with new insoles. However, they were feeling great so I know it’s not a valid excuse. Bah!

The roads and sidewalks are still super crappy, so the treadmill is really my only option at the moment. Sheer desperation is going to force me to listen to language learning tracks or possibly an audio book--anything to distract me from the fact that I’m running nowhere....and not even fast.

So, on behalf of myself and anyone else having a really crappy post-holiday day, I say this:


There, now I feel a little better.


Lily on the Road said...

Is it okay if I just sit here and laugh?!!!

Just asking???

Carolina John said...

oh, now i'm going to laugh at lily too.

wow 6 lbs in 3 weeks takes some real determination! you must have been really focused on..... something.

the treadmill is not that bad. i'm stuck riding it too for a while at least. try closing your eyes sometimes, that always makes it fun. you know you aren't going anywhhere but you can still fall down. it's thrilling.

The Merry said...

Well fine, now you've gone and hurt Monday's feelings. It'll get you for that.

When all else fails, shoveling snow is a great way to burn calories :)

M2Marathon said...

Ah, I feel your treadmill pain. All I can offer you is my double-tested-guaranteed-not-to-fail-treadmill workout. Though I don't know if you get Heroes (or is it Heros? e/no-e? It's Monday, it's early, and I don't care enough to check...) over there. Please note, it is a crucial part of the treadmill success of this workout.

SteveQ said...

So you gained 6 pounds. You're back in England, so it's only 3 kilos. 3 is better than 6, right?

Viper said...

That is why I do everything in my power to avoid running on those infernal things. Pat yourself on the back for enduring even four seconds of the treadmill. Cheers!

Ms. V. said...

BWHAHAHA Crimson wave. LMAO Come join me in Quadrathon's challenge~

Mike Antonucci said...

We are both rocking the green Superfeet.

The treadmill does suck, but would you rather be lifting weights?

X-Country2 said...

Screw the treadmill and eat more broth-based soup.

MCM Mama said...

I"m gonna borrow that scale excuse LOL. That makes this morning's numbers a-ok.

The only way I can tolerate the treadmill is to constantly change the speed, sometimes as often as every 30 seconds.

Hope you can get back outside soon.

Jess said...

I love the label "I've reached critical ass"!

Also, loved the "Clueless" reference :)

Okay, I'm just a fan of the post in general!

BrianFlash said...

Those green superfeet are just devastating - way too unforgiving for my feet. I'll stick to the blues.

The treadmill is mind numbing. I think the best strategy to keep going is to tell yourself how forcing yourself to continue will help you during your next marathon when you reach the wall.

Which is a total lie, but there you go.

Ali said...

I totally agree the treadmill is so boring. I think I have been on there 15 minutes, look down and it's 3 ... what the!

Hope Tuesday is better.

carpeviam said...

I'm with you sister. I loathe the treadmill. Music does nothing. I have to cover up the screen so I don't just watch it as the numbers slowly click away. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Six pounds isn't so bad. And now that you're back in the Land of Drab and Boring Food you'll likely burn it off in no time. Good luck!

Tricia said...

I HATE the treadmill, but I find that I run faster on it because I'm just trying to get it over with.

The Laminator said...

Forget the outside!

mr loser said...

Funny post. Here's a few "strategies" I implement when bored senseless: counting steps per minute to work on slogging shorter strides, covering the clock with a towel and playing a guessing game with the timer (i.e, try to lift it after three minutes -- it's just as pathetic as it reads), running one-minute or quarter mile intervals at different speeds or walk/run minute intervals where running time grows longer, like 1-1,1-2,1-3 to 1-x, then decreaing back to 1-1.