Friday, 2 April 2010

Two in one

Yesterday morning I hit the track for the first time ever since living here in Nerdtown. On the schedule was 3 x 800 m.

Oh, and the track? It’s this one:

[Editor’s note: I adore you guys to bits, but in all seriousness, please refrain from typing the name of the university/town or the full name of the lovely Sir RB who made this track famous. I do not want to encourage more local traffic to my blog than I already get. Many thanks.]

It was an unusually sunny morning but colder than a penguin’s balls. Not surprisingly I was the only one at the track. I did a half mile warm-up and then ran the first 800 m repeat. As usual, I went out like a bat out of hell and felt like ten kinds of ass the entire time. I completed it in 4:17.38, well below the 4:30 mark I was shooting for.

And to top it off, I wasn’t even going half as fast as Sir RB. That’s balls.

Just as I completed the repeat, my friend showed up. We had half-heartedly planned to meet at the track should the weather not be complete crap. He’s not a morning person so I didn’t really hold out hope he would show up, but he did. And I thanked him for that because I was about ready to scrap the other two repeats because the first one left me feeling like a giant pile of poo.

My friend went about his own run and I continued on with my final two repeats. I took them both at a much better pace—pushing myself but not to the brink of death like the first time. I completed them in 4:33.78 and 4:34.34.

Obviously I should consider these last two FAILs, but I don’t. What I failed at was setting my 800 m pace. My ultimate marathon goal is to break 4:30. However, I know I’m nowhere near that right now. I need to shed a few more pounds and have more consistent training for that. Instead, I’m actually training for a still optimistic 4:45. So, according to Yasso, my repeat times should be 4:45.

But that seems a wee bit high considering my repeat times, no? Maybe I should change my pace goal to 4:40 or 4:35. What do you all think?

Food, chocolate and bunnies, oh my!
As happens every few years, Catholic and Orthodox Easter have fallen on the same date. Boo! It’s a crime against humanity to deny me two different Sundays to gorge myself on yummy food in the name of religions I don’t or no longer practice. The cruelty!

Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, I hope you all get to enjoy an extended holiday weekend of indulgence and sloth. It is the American (and possibly American-Lite Canadian) way after all.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.

Later gators.


carpeviam said...

Given the Editor's note, isn't this just an invitation for Glaven to do everything you asked us NOT to?!

Yay for chocolate!

Xenia said...

I'm hoping people will take seriously the 'in all seriousness' part of the Editor's Note. And if not, I will be super-bitch and delete their comments.

RunningLaur said...

'Colder than a penguin's balls' is such a great descriptor. Gets the miserable feeling across well.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...
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Mike Antonucci said...

A goal is a goal. It should feel like the brink of death at this early stage. You're right on track (so to speak) so just keep plugging away. Rome wasn't built in a day (to coin a phrase).

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I am not sure what number of 800s it takes to actually say that the time will somewhat match your marathon time. Perhaps it is like 7 or 8 of them? I don't think you can say the 800s should match your marathon for only 2 of them. (Not sure, just sayin'.)

SteveQ said...

Hey, Glaven said he was going to be nice in April! Tsk tsk.

The standard for "Yasso 800s" is 10 repetitions. I'm probably the only person who does that many!

I miss having Orthodox Good Friday twice, as I like the irony of crucifying twice.

Xenia said...

G--I had faith in you all along. It was CV who didn't. Guess that's what happens when you knock up a Coloradoan with your devil spawn. Just saying.

carpeviam said...

Xenia asked me to come over here and apologize to G. The truth is, you really shouldn't be listening to anything I've been saying these past few days. I'm on Vicoden, see, and if that's not an excuse for my piss-poor comments, I don't know what is.

Was that a good apology?

Anonymous said...

Haha love the cartoon. I'm just excited it's going to be gorgeous weather this weekend:)

Keith said...

Yup, Canadian way too. Friends over for dinner tomorrow, I'll BBQ some rack of lamb, there is lots of chocolate. What more is needed?

ShutUpandRun said...

Thanks for comment on my blog. I have had many bad flights on Olympic Airways too. Including one where we were going from Athens to Cairo for a gymnastics competition and the plane took off into a bad thunderstorm. My coach thought we were all going to die and was hysterically crying b/c she was responsible for us. That was before I was afraid to fly and I actually thought the whole thing was funny. That was also the flight where they served cow tongue sandwiches. Not my favorite.