Monday, 3 May 2010

Get thee to a nunnery

Tower Bridge

Nuns are a whole lotta fun. Well, running nuns anyway.

Sunday I made my way to London and ran the Sister Act Nun Run with my friend M and his friend J. The rain did not dampen our spirits as we suited up in our race-issued costumes.

Sea o' nuns

The race course started at City Hall and ran along the banks of the Thames river. We crossed two bridges, including Tower Bridge, and passed several iconic London sites. The whole thing was on sidewalks and pedestrian-only paths so that vehicular traffic did not have to be shut down.

All sorts of religious figures were defamed.

M and I are gluttonous morons, so pre-race we hit McD’s for a calorie and fat-filled breakfast. This and the fact that I hadn’t run in over a week due to tour guide duties and work pretty much sealed the deal that ‘racing’ this race wasn’t gonna happen for me.

The race began and all however-many hundreds of us took off. We ran under and then up onto Tower Bridge and then back along the banks of the Thames.

I feared for my little camera because of the rain and the fact that I was already soaked so I stopped taking in-race photos shortly after the second mile. But I did stop long enough to get a steady-handed photo of the Tower of London.

Off with their heads!

M and J are faster runners so they eventually surged ahead, though M, being the fastest of the three of us, would run back and forth between J and me to take amusing pictures. Seeing as we were all dressed up in black nun outfits, he had a difficult time finding the two of us amongst the other runners. However, it became easier for him to find me as I was running at a similar pace to a male nun-runner who had balloon boobs. A group of Asian tourists we passed really got a kick out of him.

Despite the rain, huge-ass puddles and frequent bottlenecks, it was a fantastic race. The volunteers were super cheerful and my fellow runners were all out for a good time. I ran near runners who were determined to get responses from passersby—including the boats on the Thames. One of the large tourist boats sounded its horn at us as its passengers cheered us on. It was awesome.

Near the end, a lanky German tourist jogged up alongside me and asked about the race. He seemed quite taken with it all. I have a feeling he might show up for next year’s race.

He asked one question for which I didn’t have an answer though—how long was the race? It’s billed as a 4-mile course. However, the maps they provided us clearly show that the race is well over that. J’s Nike Plus said 5.7 miles, but I think it was closer to 5 miles. The problem with the race organizer’s map is that it didn’t take into account the non-straight paths we had to run along the river, including the many stairs. Eh, it’s cool.

M and J cheered me at the finish and then we took some goofy pictures together before calling it a day. There may or may not be a photo of me potentially violating an elephant. What can I say, it was a fun day.

Have a great week, everyone.

Later gators.


MCM Mama said...

Awesome! I love how casual it was as far as the actual length. Sounds like a blast!

The Merry said...

The moral is: if you make it a goal to run several times a week, sooner or later you'll find that you've gotten into the habit.

Jess said...

Sounds awesome!

SteveQ said...

I kept looking for the "Nuns on the Run" movie reference - guess it's too obvious, Sister Euphemia of the Five Wounds.

Pam said...

This sounds like so much fun!

Jamie said...

This race sounds awesome!

Theresa said...

That race sounds like so much fun! Plus, now you can say you were once a nun, and invent some fun reasons why you felt it necessary to give up the chaste life. :+)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hamlet tell Ophelia to go to a brothel, when he said those words?

Jamoosh said...

And I missed it - damn!

EZEthan said...

Ahhh... the blasphomy!!! I love it... of course it's all fun and games till somebody gets molested...

carpeviam said...

So fun!

Lucky girl.