Thursday, 15 July 2010


Thank you all for your kind comments and for not telling me off for spewing out my emotional real life trauma on this blog. Grazie!

If you missed it, I’m currently in Rome for work/research purposes. I’ve spent the past four days stewing in my own sweat as I’ve worked away in the non-air conditioned Nerditorium and ventured out into the city to visit a few sites. The temps here are peaking in the high 90s/low 100s. I’m pretty sure Dante wrote his famous tome during the horrendous summer months in Italy because it sure does feel like Purgatory at the moment.

My hair has not taken well to the heat and humidity either. Typically my hair is pretty straight with a bit of a wave. Put it in these conditions though and it curls and frizzes to form a massive white girl afro. It’s one of the few occasions on which my father’s contribution to my genetic make-up manifests itself. Lucky me.

In order to run in the hot mess that is currently Rome, I need to wake up by 6 am to head out while it’s still in the lows 80s. With work commitments and required communication with my family seven time zones away, this has not happened. My last chance is tomorrow morning before I head off on another plane to another roasting destination. At least this place will be close to a body of water in which to throw my dehydrating carcass. Aces.

Lack of running aside, there has been exercise. I’ve had to walk miles and miles across this city in the past few days. Add in the unrelenting sun exposure and I’m sure I’ve lost a couple of pounds in weight each day. Ok, fine, it’s water weight, but damned if I don’t feel lighter.

Unfortunately most of the walking has taken place in not the best kind of footwear. My achilles tendons are unhappy right now. Hopefully they’ll mellow out tomorrow if/when I get out on that much needed run.

Since I’m not sure I’ll be posting next week, here are some pictures to tide you over until I return.

A photo about a decade in the making. I was finally awake and had a camera ready while flying over the Alps. Sweet!

The Colosseum in bread form.

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

My friend and I decided to play Name the Pope—every time you see a depiction of a pope, guess which one he is. For this one, she said Innocent III and I said any of the Benedicts other than the current one. We were both wrong. It’s Pius IX.

Roman city gate. Seen better days, but it’s hanging in there.

Shaft Column of Marcus Aurelius


The Pantheon in the process of refurbishment.

Piazza Navona

Ci vediamo dopo alligatori. [Later gators.]

P.S.—No, I did not see Jessica Simpson. From the photos, it would appear we were at opposite ends of the city on Tuesday. I am not heartbroken by this discovery.


SteveQ said...

I feel like such a doofus because what impresses me most is that bread colosseum. Holy effin crap! I wonder if it tastes good (or like it's 2000 years old).

Viper said...

Thanks for the virtual vacation. Good luck with your nerdy stuff in Rome. Cheers!

RBR said...

I am with Viper, this is the closest I will get to a vacation this summer. I love the photos! Thank you!

Too bad you missed Jessica Simps. I am sure you too would have hit it off famously. One of the millennia's great minds, that one. I am so proud she is there representing the US.

...dehydrating carcass... Isn't that what sets you archeology types 'all a flutter'? Sounds like a high old time then!

Jamoosh said...

Who's Jessica Simpson?

Jess said...

Sadly, you're still missing the one pic we'd all like to see, but I guess we'll make due with a bread Colliseum :)

Deb said...

I love, love, LOVE the pics!! I showed them all to Mr. Moose and we reminisced about our trip. Our hotel was right across the street from Santa Maria Maggiore, and we saw all those great things, but we somehow missed the Carb Colosseum...which is unfortunate as we surely would've nommed all over it. And is that the Bocca della Verita in bread form? That's AWESOME!

Jamie said...

what you didn't want to celebrate her 30th bday by watching her makeout with her married boyfriend?

Thanks for the tour of Rome! i will get there someday ;)

Haliku said...

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing; Rome is one of my fav ancient cities. Safe travels.

carpeviam said...

Nice; the classic "view outside of my window seat." Unless you just leaned over someone to snap the shot... ;)

joyRuN said...

Ahhhh - I really would love to make it over there someday. Thanks for the lovely pics :)

PS - I'm w/ SQ - that bread colosseum is hella impressive!

The Merry said...

Why is nothing ever 'furbished'? I see things being refurbished, and I wonder how you can 're' do something that never got 'furbished' in the first place.

Yeah, my mind is just a simmering cauldron of brilliant thoughts.

Glad you're going to be near a body (not a carcass) of water. Hopefully you'll get a chance to swim and have pool boys languidly drop grapes into your mouth while fanning you with palm leaves. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Jill said...

Bread Colosseum? How cool is that!!?? Excellent pics, thanks for sharing and sacrificing your body, and hair, to get them!