Tuesday, 17 August 2010

All good things must come to an end

So, yeah, about that streak...

It ended on Day 16.

I got home late on Thursday and didn’t have the will or energy to do anything except crawl into bed and sleep like the dead.

Thus endeth the streak.

I began a new streak that day though by doing jack-all for four days straight. Go me!

Friday was taken up with work and goodbye drinks for my friend and office buddy Canadia who flew off to her homeland to start her new job. There was much booze, laughter, a few tears and promises to meet up again in the coming year.

Saturday was all work with a brief break to help celebrate another friend’s very well-deserved job offer. (*selfish pout* And that adds another to the long list of people ditching Nerdtown and, more importantly, me. WAH! */end selfish pout*)

Sunday was Life Admin Day. I cleaned, laundered (sadly not money), and cooked like a madwoman. There’s food enough for most of my meals for the rest of the week as well as yummy banana bread and cookies. I’m currently trying to pawn the majority of the baked goods off on others to prevent further bloating of my person. My tiny flat now smells really good though.

Thanks to the encouragement of friendly folk both near and far, I finally got off my butt last night and went for a short run. I took a new route, a very scenic one, which I repeated this morning before heading into the department.

Although I failed at achieving my streaking goal of three weeks, I did learn a few things from the days I did complete.

(1) I’m more apt to do meaningful cardio in the morning.
(2) Using an egg timer made strength training more tolerable as it ensured I did no more than the bare minimum.
(3) If I spent less time dithering, I’d get things done faster and with a lot less self-inflicted mental anguish.

Okay, folks, it’s time for me to get back to writing about rubbing and polishing erect (column) shafts. (My dissertation examiners are going to love me. Well, as long as they have a crass sense of humor.)

Catch up with you when I can.

Later gators.


joyRuN said...

I'm trying to get on a Life Admin streak. At least two weeks of not having to dig through piles to find clean clothes for the day would be nice.

You can see how well that's working out for me, given that I'm on GR instead.

Lauren said...

Most of the archaeologists I've met in the states are fairly crass. Not sure how it is on that side of the pond, but I'm guessing they'll love you. I appreciate that your lessons learned are like mine: things you kind of already knew anyway. 16 days is still a pretty good streak in my book.

Jamoosh said...

So waht streak are you on now?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I got home late on Thursday and didn’t have the will or energy to do anything except crawl into bed and sleep like the dead.

Thus endeth the streak.

Way to suck, X.

Hahahahaha! Just kidding! That's a way to suck, but not the way. If you want to know THE way, buy my tapes! They come with a FREE BOOKLET telling you all you need to know about sucking. Although I hafta say, you personally have about 90% of it down already.

Using an egg timer made strength training more tolerable as it ensured I did no more than the bare minimum.

Yeah, because those egg timers are tough fuckers, aren't they? It's only a matter of time before they pin you and you have to tap out and then ... cardio's over for the day.

Also - just a suggestion - they can be used to time your workouts. It's not clear from the above that you know that.

But it is clear that you know all about polishing giant erect shafts. Remember every once in a while to tickle their balustrades*.

But who am I to tell you that? You're the professional whoo-

Er, I mean "Archæologist".

And when you do that? Wear a revealing diphthong. But you knew that already.

Lily on the Road said...

I'm the queen of dithering lately, so you can't take the crown...
Good luck with the rubbing and polishing, you go girl!

SteveQ said...

After two weeks of high humidity and sweltering heat and not turning on the air conditioning, not doing laundry to keep the heat down, not cooking to keep the heat down (and thus eating a lot of raw fruit and nuts), my house smells like compost, dirty laundry and C. Montgomery Burns.

This is day 3 of the big "air out."

Viper said...

The good thing is that most people forget streaks as soon as they're over. You can start another. Good luck with your erections. Cheers!

The Merry said...

I think the occasional break from streaking allows your body to recover and get stronger and all that good stuff.

You should take up the 200 Squat challenge. Then you could derive satisfaction from writing the phrase "I didn't do squat today." :)

Nitmos said...

You said erection.

RBR said...

16 days, of every day would possibly kill me. I give you mad props.

Now, a 'doing jack all' streak, THERE is something I can get behind. I have done a 7 month streak in that vein. (And recently, I may add, I am not resting on some laurels from 10 years ago. *smug grin*)

If you can figure out how to minimize that dithering thing, let me know. I could use less mental anguish myself.

Jamie said...

16 days is still a good streak. I think mine is at 2 :)

Jess said...

16 days is still an admirable streak!