Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Newsflash - Being lazy is bad for you

Since I last posted I’ve run twice more. Woohoo! Three cupcakes down, one to go. How depressing is that. Sonofa...

What I neglected to mention last time is that I’m injured. Kinda. Maybe. Something’s up with my right heel. Amusingly though it has nothing to do with running.

The trouble began a few weeks ago in the midst of my sloth fest. The only exercise I was getting was my daily cycling commute. Unfortunately my two-wheeled steed, Aeolus, has become a bit of a death trap. There’s an incessant squeak, something’s not quite right with the back tire and the brake pads are a thing of the past. I learned about that last one when I nearly careened into a fellow cyclist and a delivery truck. I had to use my feet Flintstone-style to stop myself. Sweet. Considering I have to slingshot myself around a busy roundabout twice a day whilst avoiding collisions with double decker buses, I’ve taken to walking into work more lately.

Before I bought Aeolus, walking was my main mode of transportation. I actually miss it, so I was all about walking to and from work which in total takes about an hour each day. It was at this time that an annoying ache started in my right heel. I had no idea what the deal was. I hadn’t been running in ages by that point so I couldn’t attribute it to that. Strangely enough when I started back up with running last week, the heel felt fine. Immediately post-run—all good. It just aches whenever I’m walking. Strange.

The only thing I can think of that might have caused it is a change in shoes. I proudly defy the female stereotype in that I don’t have a million pairs of shoes. (Although I admit I am lusting after a pair of killer boots at the moment.) I wore out my regular every day shoes about two months ago and purchased a cheap replacement pair. Unlike the previous pair, it did not have an arch support insole and I’ve been too lazy to move the Superfeet insoles from my running shoes into my regular ones.

Of course I could be totally off the mark on this, but it’s the only thing I can think of. I thought I read somewhere that weak arches could cause heel pain of some sort, but to be fair I could be making that up. Anyhoo, I’ve put my running shoe insoles into my regular shoes now and things seem to be getting better. There’s still some pain in the right heel, particularly when I walk around barefoot at home, but less so when shod. Hopefully this will do the trick and all will be well in a week or so.

And for those concerned about Killer Aeolus, never fear—his one year check-up is coming up next week. There will be new brake pads and, hopefully, no more squeak. We will ride like the wind once again.


Spike said...

First, I hope your 'kinda' injury gets better...kinda.

Second, breaks that squeak are terrible; you must fix right now.

The Merry said...

Now see, if you were a real girly-girl, you'd wear spikey high heels that put all the weight on the ball of the foot. Voila! No heel pain at all.
Of course, walking for an hour in those things might not be a good idea. I don't know how streetwalkers manage.
I'm so glad you're running again!

RunnuRMark said...

I attributed a lot of my plantar fasciitis pain last year to my work shoes. It got much better when I bought some decent inserts for them, and pretty well went away when I replaced them. That spot on the bottom of your heel is where the fascia connects, so it is quite possible you are having issues related to lack of support.

Good luck with knocking out that last cupcake. I've still got about 13 miles to eliminate that bag of trail mix from the weekend.

BrianFlash said...

No wonder you get into lots of near accidents. You are using break pads instead of brake pads. Very dangerous!

Xenia said...

Brian--Duly noted and fixed. Thanks.

Viper said...

Bikes are deathtraps. Period. I stopped riding mine after it propelled me over the handle bars a couple years ago. I cleverly had it stolen this summer. No more danger. Cheers!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I'm with Viper, bikes are death traps. Somehow I always manage to eat it!

Hope the heel feels better soon :)

Scarlett Elliewood said...

Work, and its shoes, are just bad for one's health in general. I blame work for making me tired, then irritable, then hungry, and then fat. Last week I wore heels, this it'll be week black high-tops every SINGLE day.

Glad you're posting again!

Haliku said...

"slingshot myself around a busy roundabout twice a day whilst avoiding collisions with double decker buses" Love it!

Good luck with that last cupcake debt. :-)

Jamie said...

Well that sucks. Hope the heel feels better soon!