Friday, 18 November 2011

With this ring....

This needed to be posted. Consider it an early Christmas present. Via Craftgossip, here's the Weener Kleener:

Monday, 14 November 2011

Interim report

Apparently I'm missed by a couple of you. Who knew? Although I find it ironic that the one who seems to be most irate about my absence (*cough*Deb*cough*) deleted her own blog ages ago and became a permanent commenter-stalker type person. Huh.

Well, here's your freaking update, you nosy nellies. And in list form no less.
1.) I'm alive.
2.) I didn't run that half marathon in October.
3.) I didn't really train for it either, so that worked out.
4.) I haven't run in two months. Go me.
5.) I still read some of your blog posts, but, as you can tell, I don't comment much.
6.) Probably for the best really.
7.) I moved to my permanent flat a week before the DNS half marathon.
8.) The apartment was still undergoing renovations when I moved in. Lovely.
9.) A week later I went to Italy for three weeks for work.
10.) I returned to an almost completed flat.
11.) My sister arrived two days later.
12.) Her visit consisted of buying a bunch of stuff for the flat and her being very cool and cleaning and organizing it all for me.
13.) I have the best sister ever.
14.) However, I went from owning very little to "Sweet jesus, how did I get so much stuff and where do I put it all?!"
15.) I'm busy with work.
16.) And still working on the Thing That Shall Not Be Named.
17.) Seriously, don't mention it. At. All. It's given me a permanent eye twitch and a shitty sleep pattern.
18.) I actually have nightmares about it.
19.) But if I ever want to live like a real person, I need to finish it so I'm gonna go back into seclusion now.
20.) Later, bitches.