Monday, 6 February 2012

Carrier monkey Monday

I imagine some of you tied one on last night. Apparently so did Barney. Lushes.

Since Friday afternoon I've been dealing with a monster cold sore (second one in three months) that's camped out on the corner of my mouth. I of course continue to look all kinds of hot, now just with that added air of infectious skank about me. Perhaps I should work from home today.

Monday's 3:
1 - Run 2 miles OR 30 Day Shred DVD
2 - Edit section 8.2.2.
3 - flesh out monograph outline

UPDATE: Yes (30 Day Shred), nope and nope. Poopsicles.


Viper said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, but pity about that cold sore. You might be surprised that I did in fact tie three beers onto my gullet, but I only watched the last five minutes of the Stupid Bowl. Cheers!

Jamoosh said...

This is what happens when a dinosaur mixes beer, wine and liquor.

Deb said...

I lurve 30 Day Shred. That's my go-to exercise when the weather is too sucktastic to run.

Theresa said...

Alright, X. Get to it. No more of this slacking. You post three things - you do three things.

(Was this all helpful and motivaterly or what!?!)