Saturday, 11 February 2012

Easy does it

It's the weekend. I need a non-stressful day.

Saturday's three things:
1 - work on wall art projects
2 - make vat of turkey chili
3 - Skype with my sister as she goes wedding dress shopping with our mother and respective bffs in NYC
UPDATE: Success x 3. Z found the dress! She cried. Thankfully there were people there to hug her for me. Sometimes it really does suck being so far away.

Happy a fun and relaxing Saturday, everyone.


Keith said...

This sister of yours must be pretty talented to deal with a Skype call as she is shopping for the most important dress she will ever own, and the most expensive based on cost per minutes of wearing. Are you expected to offer commentary? Or is she practical and is going to get a dress she can wear again? I hadn't known that wedding dress shops had been wired for wi-fi. So many things I don't know.

The Merry said...

That's kinda cool... Virtual dress shopping is much easier on the feet.

Deb said...

Practice saying, "Oh! It's lovely! You're the most GORGEOUS bride ever"...just in case it's one of thos hideous abominations they seem to always feature on "Say Yes To The Dress".

Lily on the Road said...

to heck with the dress...I'm loving the Dino's.

No, seriously, that is awesome Z found a dress so quickly. I can hardly wait to see it!