Saturday, 4 February 2012


How sad is it that when I look at this image, all I can think is 'C is for cookie and cookie is for me'.

1 - Run two miles OR do an exercise DVD. (It's the weekend. I deserve some choice.)
2 - Outline the mess that is section 9.1.
3 - Research vacuums so I can buy one tomorrow.
UPDATE: All three completed. I did a pilates DVD. Pilates is awkward as arse to do while trying to crane your head to see the screen for proper instruction. Won't be trying that DVD again for a while.

Epic Saturday. Try not to be jealous, mkay.


Keith said...

C *is* for cookie, and that cookie is for me, why would you think anything different?

The Merry said...

Want cookie. Want cookie NOW.

Deb said...