Friday, 23 March 2012

The bright side

Another sunny day and my second three-miler of the week is in the books. The park was full of happy canines chasing sticks and bounding after their pasty white humans trying to catch a bit of sun. With the combination of bright skies and acres of blinding white flesh, I really should have worn sunglasses. Next time. (*knock on wood*)

I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I never thought I was subject to seasonal affective disorder, but this week of bright sunshine would seem to prove otherwise. My spirits are high and I'm looking forward to tackling the projects and tasks ahead...preferably while outside.

Speaking of projects, let me show you another wall art piece I completed. At the end of January, the 99p Store was selling canvases for (you guessed it) 99p each so I bought a bunch of them as well as some acrylic paints and paint brushes, again for 99p. So far I've worked on three of the canvases. Here's the first one:

The project idea came from Crafted Love via Pinterest. I was raised by a mother who is an avid mystery reader, one of her favorite authors being Agatha Christie. So an ode to Poirot seemed appropriate. All this project required was a canvas (or you could use a piece of wood or cardboard), newpaper, Modge Podge (aka watered-down glue) and some paint. Really simple and really cheap. Kinda like me.

That's it for me today, folks. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Later gators.


Viper said...

Congrats on the run. I dig the Poirot. Beware, though, you're crafting is venturing into Hipster Chic territory. As for the SAD, I suggest a vitamin D supplement for next winter. The wife and I started taking it at the end of last year, and I think it really helped our mood this winter. Cheers!

Lily on the Road said...

Good on ya! and who cares if you think we just read this for fitness updates, I'm digging the art work...Love LRRH Wowzzzaaaa, and Poirot is awesome too.

As for SAD, OMG, I'm all over that like a bad smell in the winter, it is awful trying to deal with it...Viper is correct, Vitamin D (I start in September) really does work.

BrianFlash said...

Unfortunately for you, the days get really short in Europe. I think that would tamp down my mood considerably.

Keep up the good attitude!

Spike said...

I love when people say SAD makes me sad. Cool artwork, and glad you had a solid second run.

Now...the important thing. Do dogs really thing people are stealing their poo? It would explain why my best friend's dog eats his poo...theft prevention.