Monday, 11 June 2012


I still haven't run. It's raining heavily right now and will continue to do so for the rest of the day, so it's not happening today either. Or tomorrow since I'll be on a plane to Chicago. Eh. I am packing my running shoes. My sister has been on a bride fitness freak out for the last few months so I'm hoping her hysteria will rub off on me. Couldn't hurt, right?

A couple of weekends ago, I made some coasters. I was sick of the cheapo cardboard ones with smiley faces I'd bought a few years ago, so I made something more along my interests.

They were really easy to make using only cheap tiles from the DIY store, printed images, modge podge, cork for the bottom and acrylic sealant to make them waterproof. There's tons of tutorials on the interwebs, but here's a good one if you want some direction.

If you'd like some additional distraction today, you can check out my previous post for photos of my visit to a 13th century abbey. It was a rare day of good weather around these parts. I lucked out.

All right, that's it for me. Next time I post, it'll be from the Windy City. Have a great week, everyone.

Later gators.

P.S. - I saw this over the weekend and thought it was hilarious. Can you believe this was the first time I had heard this song? I was wondering what all those internet memes were going on about. Enjoy.

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The Merry said...

Needs more cowbell.

Have fun traveling! Maybe you'll get a chance to run... If you have to transfer planes, the rule is that the two gates will always be on opposite sides of the airport. Wear running shoes.

Carolina John said...

Have a great trip! Chi-town beware.

Maria said...

Those coasters are beautiful! What a fun blog you have - I used to live in England too, brings fun memories!
Maria @

SteveQ said...

I'd heard the song a few times but heard it on the radio for the first time this past weekend on a road trip - also heard Ke$ha for the first time (ugh) and a bunch of other stuff that had me catching up on pop culture wastelands.

Viper said...

Yeah, I knew the song by meme before I knew it by radio. Safe travels. Good luck with the running. Cheers!

0x5f said...

Loving the coasters. The (?)Austen(?) and Holmes silhouettes are good (yes, I do realize I am a stuffy book/literature geek).

When do you reckon that they will plaster the Cumberbatch silhouette all over Baker St. underground station, rather than the classic one you put on a coaster?

Best regards