Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Checking in


It's been nearly six months since the last time I posted. Thought I'd drop in and let you know I'm still around. I read many of your blogs still, posting a rare comment here and there. Life's been busy, but I haven't felt like talking about it hence the lack of posts. The one thing I haven't been busy with is running of any sort. I've been a total sloth monster before, during and after the holidays. Although at least now I have a reason for it.

This photo was taken early Tuesday morning. It's my leg. I've undergone a minor surgical procedure to sort out the circulation in my left leg. I'm going to be a bit gimpy for a few weeks, but am planning a return to increased athletic activity in March. I want to run again so badly. 2012 was another year of little running and feeling blah. I don't want 2013 to be a repeat of that. Well, at least the 11 remaining months of it.

So once I can take the bandages off and am walking normally again, I'm going to get back to working out and hopefully posting my bitchy whiny commentary for your reading pleasure.

Till then, I'll keep reading your blogs in relative silence and envying your ability to run. You lucky bastards.