Friday, 22 March 2013

What's in a name

I ran another 1.5 miles yesterday morning in the dismal English drizzle. All was fine though I'm dealing with a slightly achy knee on the non-surgery leg. I've been icing it on and off and that seems to be helping. I don't really think the achiness is running related. More like I've been sitting awkwardly again and ticked it off. I'll try to sit more like an adult in future.

So in life stuff, my work contract ends at the end of May. I'm waiting to hear back about a fellowship application and possible teaching opportunities for the next academic year, but otherwise I'm gonna be on the dole as of Memorial Day. As such, I've been considering opening an Etsy shop. I've been encouraged by friends and family to open a shop to sell my creations of and patterns for felt dolls, brooches, ornaments and the like. Most of the stuff I make has a historical, literary or mythological theme, but I also make stuff related to the UK and travel in general.

Anyway, to make a long story short (TOO LATE!), I need help in devising a shop name. I was thinking of going with the name Squirrel Bait (completely unrelated to what I make, but it was one of my nicknames when I was younger....thanks, ma), but that's been taken. A friend suggested the name should be a pun. For example, there's a bookstore in my native New Hampshire that has a cafe called Aesop's Tables. I love that. Again, anything related to history, mythology, classic literature (if I see 50 Shades of anything, we can no longer be friends) or travel that is amusing but not vulgar would be greatly appreciated. You're all pretty clever (though slightly twisted), so I'm sure one of you (that would be you, Mike) will come up with the perfect name.

Hope you all have a great weekend. And for you Game of Thrones fans, here are two teaser trailers for the new season which starts on March 31.

I can't wait to see how they deal with all the crazy stuff that happens in Book 3.

Later gators.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The die is cast

My final doctor's appointment was on Monday. The doctor is really pleased with how well my leg has healed considering, as he put it, "I had to put a lot of holes in your leg." The back of my calf still has some 'settling' to do and the faint residual bruising on my leg could take up to a year to fade. But I don't give a rat's ass because now I can jump back onto the fitness bandwagon in earnest.

I ran 1.5 miles again on Tuesday. My plan for the next two and a half weeks is to build up to running 3 miles at a time again after which I'll begin a 10K program. I'm really looking forward to getting fit again. The mini runs I've done lately have been slow and easy, but my face looks like a tomato by the end of them. Can we say out of shape much? Eh, gotta start somewhere. Might as well be at the bottom.

And so it begins again. I've got the official go ahead. I've got a plan. I've got the motivation. Now let's do this.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

And so it begins

It's been a month since the leg surgery and all seems to be well. I went for my first run yesterday -- a short 1.5 miles. Considering I haven't run regularly since last July, it went really well. This morning I even did some light yoga. I'm feeling better already. My last appointment with the doctor is in a week and a half. After that, I'll consider devising a proper running plan.

And there's big news in the X family --- Momma X retired at the end of February. On the same day as Pope Benny actually. Coincidence?!....Yes, because we're not Catholic. After 25+ years working at the same crappy place, she's finally free. If there's anyone still reading this blog and you can be arsed, do wish her well in the comments.