Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back on the wagon

This is so true in my family. Except for this girl, who has been kicking ass and taking names. I've completed all my planned runs for the last two weeks and this week I've already done one of my three 3-mile runs. Yes, I'm finally back to running 3-milers again. It feels good.

As long as things continue to go smoothly (*knock on wood* < --not a euphemism), I'll be starting a 10K training program next week. I'm still debating whether or not to time my runs. I haven't worn a watch on a run since May 2011. I know I'm extra slow now which will not do my ego too much good to see at first, but part of me wants to have numbers so I can see my improvement as I build mileage. I have a feeling I'll cave and wear the watch. I'm a glutton for punishment...and number crunching.

This should be the title of the next book in the series.

On the Game of Thrones front--the first episode was good, but too short. With the crazy large cast, not everyone showed up in the episode. I've heard that this season will cover about half of Book 3. The question is, which of the numerous important events will end the season? It's obviously going to be one of the weddings, but which one?

All right, that's enough nerd talk. Hope you're all doing well.

Later gators.


Viper said...

Whoa! I've like missed posts, as in you've actually been blogging regularly. What the hell is happening to the world today? Well done. Cheers!

Keith said...

Good luck running without the watch. I twitched a bit on vacation, not knowing how far, or how long I ran, but really, I didn't care. It wasn't important.

I don't know where I'm going to find the time to get started on GoT. Do you suggest the books first, or the shows? Both together?

Carolina John said...

Slow and steady wins the race! Keep it up girl. you're doing great.