Friday, 30 May 2008

They say it's your birthday...

This post is actually meant for the attention of one specific person. Since I’m not often the most demonstrative of individuals, I thought I would post this publicly in lieu of mailing an actual gift so that everyone can know how much of a sap I really am. [If you came here to read something fitness related, scroll down to the post directly below.]

Lil' Z and lil' Xenia racing each other to the backyard

Happy birthday to the best sister in the world who...

  • when I was born, thought that I was a new doll for her to play with
  • cried for me when the doctor gave me a shot
  • always tried to protect me, even from Mom when she was trying to punish me for picking fights with Z
  • gleefully let her friends torture me during high school freshman initiation
  • never let me ride in the front seat of the car because she was older and therefore always had seniority
  • never let me forget that I was the ‘oops’
  • trailblazed the way through school so that by the time I had her teachers they already knew how to pronounce our surname and would always say, “Oh, you must be Z’s sister.”
  • acted more like a mother hen towards me then our own mother (and that’s saying something)
  • broke down into tears and confessed to Mom that she got a speeding ticket even though Mom had no clue and Z could have easily gotten away with it (you would make a terrible spy)
  • would regret what she ordered in a restaurant and stare longingly at whatever I had gotten until I felt bad enough to offer to trade with her
  • asked what the ‘white stuff’ was in upstate NY during our semi-cross country drive (That would be snow, dear. I mean, jeez, we grew up in New England.)
  • is completely and utterly obsessed with Ricky Martin (shake your bon bon, Z!)
  • is my cheerleader, conscience, sounding board and best friend all rolled into one

Z, I’m sorry for not being there to celebrate your birthday with you again. Hopefully this makes up for that in some small way.

Χρόνια πολλά, Ζωή. Σ’αγαπώ.

Lil sis

P.S.—What was Mom thinking when she dressed us up in those clothes? A blind man could have picked out better color-coordinated outfits.


As for the rest of you (if you've made it this far)--if you have any sibling stories you'd like to share or are an only child and want to rub it in, go ahead and post in the comments. It's always nice to share the pain.


Marcy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sister! The oldest sisters are always the best :P Don't forget it. We'll claw your arms off, pull your hair til your scream in agony, and stab your Barbie's face with scissors :P

The Laminator said...

Happy B-day to Xenia's sis!

I too am an older sib (actually much older because my lil'l bro is 13 years younger than me). If you asked him, I'd dare say we have a similar relationship as you do with your sis. It frustrates the hell out of my mom who wonders why I always act 'down' when I'm with him rather than teach him to be more mature...but dang it, it's just so much fun!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! That picture is so cute that when I first saw it I figured it was a stock photo from somewhere! You know, like one of the ones that come with the picture frame!

Nitmos said...

I still remember having to sit in the middle "bump" seat in the back of the car being the third child in the family. that's fine when you are 5 but try doing that when you are 15 and the car's a Rabbit. Happy B-day to the sis!

Viper said...

Ah, siblings are fun. Happy birthday to your sis. Nice post.

RazZDoodle said...

I was the older brother, so I dominated. I remember the time that I put my sister in a sleeping bag and pushed her down the stairs. She dusted herself off and promptly asked to do it again. Then, she tattled to mom that I pushed her down the stairs....twice.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Zoe that Ricky Martin endorsed Hillary Clinton this week. She should be an informed voter.

Anonymous said...

You totally made me cry! In a good way! I love you too lil sis! Thanks for making me feel special!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Happy Birthday to your awesome sister. What a great post!

Ted said...

Terrific post!!! Happy birthday to your sister. It is always fun to have siblings.