Monday, 16 June 2008

Hydration ruminations

Sunday I had my first long run of my half marathon training program. A mere 5.5 miles, but I enjoyed it. I added in a new path along the river to my regular route to change things up a bit. I saw many people enjoying the fine weather by punting or picnicking along the banks. I wore my sunglasses so I could people-watch at my leisure and not look like a crazy stalker-type person.

As I was running along, I started to think about my future long runs. Soon I’ll be running 8 to 11 miles at a stretch. It took me just over an hour to run 5.5 miles (I had to force myself constantly not to go faster), so 11 miles will bring me up to two hours of continuous running. How I am going to stay hydrated during that lengthy period of time?

There are two obvious choices: find a running path that has access to potable water or carry water with me. Well, this town is entirely devoid of public water fountains and I wouldn’t drink out of the river if you paid me. I know where it’s been (or, more accurately, what’s been in it) and it’s not pretty.

This leaves me with the second option. I’ve seen people carrying water bottles as they run, but I see this getting tiresome after a couple of miles, let alone ten. There’s also the possibility of a fuel belt, but I really don’t think this would be comfortable. Not to mention, I would rather not look like I was taking my fashion cues from Batman.

Obviously, I have limited choices, so something has to give at some point—I either dehydrate myself or look stupid.

Anyway, I thought I would ask what you all do to satisfy your hydration needs during your long runs. The more feedback I get, the easier it will be for me to check my pride at the door and just do what I need to do.

Ciao, tutti.

Italian Phrases of the Day:
From Vanilla’s pick-up lines for runners:

Allora, corri spesso qui?
So, do you run here often?

Credi nell’ amore prima vista o devo passarti di nuovo?
Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass you more than once?

#73 and 72 from the AFI movie quotes list:

La madre della pietà, è la fine del Rico?
Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?’ (Little Caesar, 1930)

No le stampelle di metallo, mai!
'No wire hangers, ever!' (Mommy Dearest, 1981)


Viper said...

I don't carry anything, and where I tend to do my long runs are rather devoid of water. I run until I'm delirious and miserable. It's great training! Good luck finding a strategy that works for you.

*lisa* said...

stash water in a bush somewhere and loop around to it every 4-5 miles - haven't done this yet because I'm still a newbie but this is what the girls I know do when marathon training.

chia said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hydration pack. 28 quid+ship is a little pricey - but here it is - click me.

I just ordered a smaller more padded version but haven't recieved it yet to give it a proper rating. Plus, I couldn't find the Camelbak Catalyst in the UK sport sites I used to get crap from so I don't know where you would find one.

I've seen this model on several of the girls on the trails around here - Click Me but I sweat so much I didn't want something on my shoulders. Looks super comfy though!

Happy training!

Nitmos said...

Not sure if it is feasible for you but, in my case, I loop back around to my place about every 6 miles. That way, I don't have to stash it or carry it.

Vanilla said...

I hate running with water, but I have a Nike fuel belt with small 6oz water bottles on it that I take if I'm going longer than 10 miles. Like I said already I hate it, but I hate feeling like crap more.

Also, translating my pick-up lines into Italian? Awesome, why should Italian women be able to avoid suffering.

MissAllycat said...

I feel utterly dork-tastic when I run with a hydration belt, but it is a necessary evil on 20-milers...

I like FuelBelt's Helium belts - they are pretty comfy, actually. Lightweight, breathable, padded. And you can order it in your favorite color to match the pink accents on your shoes. ;)

Jamie said...

I feel like a dork but a hydration belt is necessary especially on long runs. I know people who stash bottles along their course but I have also heard of these being taken.

Xenia said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Vanilla--I can't take full credit. Merry was the one to suggest I translate them. They'll probably be more useful to me than movie quotes anyway. :)

P.O.M. said...

I agree that the hydration packs look sooooooo lame. But they are a necessary evil. I have two now. You get used to them (and the stares from non-runners who think you look rediculous). ha ha.

P.O.M. said...

Regarding your comment - I am always switching around shampoos. I have about 3 in the shower at once. Right now I am loving DOVE and it's cheap! Matrix Shine I also use. And Enjoy (but that's really pricy).

Ted said...

Xenia - I am in love with my water bottle that I have. It has contour shape in which I hold it. There is a nice strap around my hand. It does not bother me at all. I feel more comfortable holding it in my left hand than my right hand. I also have camelbak for my long run and truly loves it, too. You might want to stop by the running store and look at different products.

Meg said...

I just tried a fuel belt this weekend for the first time and felt like a tool at first but it didn't bounce or anything so it wasn't so bad. Getting the bottles in/out while moving is something I still need to work on.
Another option I've done is to just bring $5-10 with you and stop at a store for a gatorade or water, and drink what you can at the store and carry the rest with you. Then you only have to carry it for a portion of the run.

Marcy said...

I'm a belt girl. Yes they are ugly and look dorky but you'll get used to it and not care what anyone thinks after awhile hehe.

With stashing you have to be careful. Before I had a belt, I did that and had my bottles taken from me :-X I always constantly worried about someone peeing in them :-/

Merry said...

I think I have the answer: minions!
Or sherpas.
Or at a pinch, henchmen.

Lily on the Road said...

I have a running belt which carries two 10oz bottles which I fill with water and there is a holder in the back for my large bottle of Powerade, who cares what you look like!

I also carry I.D. and money for a taxi. Oh and for night runs I have reflector tape and a flashing red blinky light on the back.

I'd sooner look dorky running than dehydrated sitting in an ambulance.....

Laura said...

I don't have a fuel belt (yet). I've thought about getting one but don't feel like having it on me - it sounds cumbersome.

For my long run on Saturday, I carried a water bottle all the way to mile 13 - it actually didn't bother me. I threw it away once it was empty. Then, I stopped at four convenience stores on the way back to buy more bottles. That only works if you're running in an area with stores though...

Viv said...

I do some Nathan pack with a place for a bottle on my bump area, which has a huge jiggle factor. I like it but most hated it.

I do the sunglasses too so I can stalk, I mean look at people.

Anonymous said...

In your "batman pic", Fergie actually looks good no matter what she wears, so the fuelbelt on her looks fine. I'm sure it doesn't matter if you look dorky. You're training and need water.