Thursday, 3 July 2008

Celebrating independence with the colonial oppressors

Since most of you lucky bastards will be having a three day weekend, I figured I should post today instead of Friday. Because the end of your week would not be complete without a post from me, admit it.

I thumbed my nose at my running schedule yesterday and said to hell with it. I was scheduled for a hill run, but the one hill I know of is accessible only via the park which doesn’t open until later in the morning. Good intentions had me deluding myself into thinking I would run it after excavating yesterday. Yeah. Not so much. It also didn’t help that I had last minute errands to run once I was back in town (why do all the shops have to close so freakin’ EARLY here?!?) which had me arriving home at 7:30 pm, feeling very tired and also very, very hungry.

Yes I’m making excuses, but really I think I have been overestimating how much my body can endure during the excavation. It might be prudent to at least cut out one run per week for the rest of the month and only cross train once a week if at all. I don’t want to burn out. The Asics British 10K London Run is this weekend, so easing up on the fitness routine this week is definitely for the best.

Friday fun fest
While you all are feeding your faces and chugging back the brews this Friday, I’ll be slaving away moving dirt in England. A great way to commemorate America’s independence from the empire, no? Not to fear, I was still able to find something quintessentially American yet perverted in a charmingly British way to help celebrate the day.

These people make me laugh. Even more so when I spotted this in the freezer section of the supermarket.

There are no words.

I hope you all enjoy the 4th with much frivolity, food and fireworks. Good luck to all those racing this weekend. I’ll see you again on Monday.

Ciao tutti.


Merry said...

Those food stuffs are beyond imagining.

The good news is it will be easy not to overdo on the 4th.

The bad news is that when you eat a hot dog, it will be... covered... in... brine... (ellipses used to indicate a phrase one would usually handle with a 10-foot pole)

If it's any comfort, I shall probably be working the holiday, due to insane work schedules devised by program managers who then went on a month's vacation... in England.

One hopes they're eating hot dogs in brine e'en as I type.

Have a good holiday anyway!

Marcy said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHHAAAAA I'm lovin the "Pork Faggots" My oh my!!

Have a great weekend chica!! We'll all be thinking of you while we kick back our brews. (Ok maybe not a brew for me but a nice cocktail)

Ted said...

Tell me the truth, have you tried the faggots yet??
Have a Happy 4th !!! At least, we are relieved not to hear "The British are coming, The British are coming!"
Good Luck with the 10K race this weekend.

Viper said...

I'm jealous that you'll be able to enjoy the holiday ye olde fashioned way. Fight a Brit for me.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Now, I can start my weekend. :D

Nitmos said...

You can walk around with the smug feeling of ancestral accompishment tomorrow. Watch how envious the spurned oppressors are.

McB said...

Hot dogs in brine??? Where did they get the idea it was "American style"? Sounds like a Vienna sausage with attitude. And the pork ... things ... I can't even bring myself to say it. In a rich west country sauce. Oh my.

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Sorry, Xenia, I'm lame with the commenting thing today.

Steve Stenzel said...

Mmmmmm.... hot dogs in brine! Sure makes Stephs pancakes that she made for me look EXTRA good! (sorry to rub that in.)

Enjoy your weekend, even though it's a day shorter than the rest of us over here...

(man, I'm just being a jerk today...)


Viv said...

The excavation looks like a hard physical workout fo' sho it has to count for something.

LMAO at the freezer stiff. My sis did her graduate work in Bristol she always tells me a lot of English gems.

chia said...

One time my co-workers and I decided to get everything in Sainsburys that said "American Style" and try it all to see if any of it tasted the least bit "American."

Nope ;-).

Happy 6th!

WapakGram said...

How did your race go? I think that should count for several days. And excavating SHOULD cause you to redo your schedule. I get tired just READING about it!

Glad to hear from you. You do know that we are plotting a trip across the pond next spring? Just fair warning so you can stock up on "American" food. OhmiBob what hilarious stuff!