Thursday, 10 July 2008

Here comes the rain again

It’s been raining for the last few days on and off but yesterday it was just constant. Supposedly we were set to get almost a month’s worth of rain in a 24 hour period. I’m sure we got that and then some. Pretty soon we might be able to swim in the trench. At least then I’ll finally get my chance at trying underwater archaeology.

Most of yesterday was spent washing finds under the pavilion tent on-site though a few of us were stupid brave enough to face the elements in the trench during the morning hours. I may end up paying for that with a head cold soon, but so far so good.

The undergrads this season are so-so. Some of them are really helpful and interested, but the other half are complete slackers and lack any motivation or proper fear of authority. I don’t want to sound older than I am, but what the hell is wrong with that generation? I don’t remember me or others of my age being that horrible. And if I ever had been my mother would have killed me.

Anyway, as morale started to dip in the afternoon I decided to break out a little game to help entertain the students (the ones I liked anyway). It’s called the Movie Game (inventive title, no?). Basically, you get two or more people together and begin with one individual naming a movie. The second person names an actor/actress from that movie and the next person then names another movie that actor has been in. You keep going til there’s one film nerd left standing. Too often that was me. The only person who has consistently been able to whoop my ass at this game is Ellen, but I no longer play this game with her for that very reason. My ego, she’s fragile.

Not only did I get soaked while working during the day, but also later that evening when I went for my run. I don’t know why I even bothered to wear my rainjacket at all since I was completely drenched by the time I got back home anyway and it was only a 2.5 mile run. Blah. Now I have even more clothes hanging in the bathroom to dry.

I wasn’t the only loony out on the trails though. Some poor schmuck in an all white outfit (Dude, Wimbledon is over now. And FYI, I can clearly see your nipples through your shirt) was apparently trying to commit suicide by running. At one point he was clutching his side while awkwardly jogging. Then he saw me, regrouped and then sped past me, all red-faced and looking like he was about two seconds away from meeting his maker.

It just made me think that, you know, sometimes pride really isn’t your friend.

A domani. (Til tomorrow)


Merry said...

Ah, men. It's a good thing they're so cute.
I remember one bookstore, which is enlightened enough to allow beautiful well-behaved dogs (i.e. dogs like mine) inside. Interesting physiological fact: some women are afraid of dogs, but no men are. Instead, they are 'allergic' to dogs. Huge difference.

Note to self: send Xenia scuba equipment so that she can continue with her research.

Marcy said...

Oh dear, was he wearing white shorts as well? :P

I'll trade spots for a week! I *heart* running in the rain :-)

chia said...

*tee hee* English weather sux!!!

Hope it clears out so you guys have more favorable conditions to finish out your research.

LOL at nipple boy.

Meg said...

I feel the same way towards undergrads. I had a few working for me that wouldn't do tasks I asked of them (which wasn't much)...they definitely didn't respect how low they were on the lab totem pole!
And they whine about classes, tests, and homework so much...I never tried to whine my way out of an assignment or to get points back on an exam! Suck it up! :-)

RazZDoodle said...

Aw hell, I waved bye bye to pride a lonnnnnnnggggg time ago!

Nitmos said...

Isn't your Movie Game just a variation of the Kevin Bacon game? Try tracing actors back to Pauly Shore. Now that is a challenge.

Viper said...

I kind of like running in the rain. Well, summer rain at least.

... Kevin Bacon was in Sleepers with Robert DeNiro, who was in The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon, who was in School Ties with Brenden Fraser, who was in Encino Man with Pauly Shore. Oop! Sorry, it just kind of slipped out.

P.O.M. said...

Oh - Marcy beat me to it. I, too was wondering if white shorts were being worn. Scary. Just scary. Especially if it's cold out.