Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Things I've learned about rental cars

1) Rental cars are wonderful.
2) They come with their own names. (Ours is Leon.)
3) They manuever rather easily onto ferry boats.
4) GPS is worthless, yet entertaining.
5) Accidentally running over my sister's foot with the rental car has pretty much shot to hell any good karma I ever had or would have possessed in future. (She's actually fine, but I still feel like ten kinds of shit about the entire incident.)

Hope you all are keeping yourselves entertained while I'm away. I'm currently trying not to feel too pathetic for being overly happy that one of my uncles has internet access even in the boonies. I'm sure there's a support group for my addiction. I'll search for one later.

Later gators.


MizFit said...

and our addiction?
who is supporting is in OUR diggingitdiction?


chia said...

I hear running is addicting... oh wait, ya!

Ted said...

I am glad your sister's foot is okay. At least, you didn't flatten her foot. You must be renting Mini Cooper. It's a pretty lightweight car!
Addiction??? either diggingaddiction or running addiction.

Merry said...

Xenia? Xenia who? No... sorry... doesn't ring a bell... :(

Yeah, you didn't fall for that, did you? :)

My sister drove a car over her own cell phone once. (Still worked afterwards, amazingly.)

Then again, my mother drove a car over her glasses... yes, her driving glasses...

All I can say is that a) I'm glad your sister is okay b) be glad that you're not Irish!

Marci said...

Ooo your poor sister's foot. If there's a club, let me know, I need to join also!

Marcy said...

Why stop at the foot? You should have just plowed her over. That's what I always want to do to my sister LOL JK!

tfh said...

Was your sister, like, getting all in your face and trying to take pictures of you driving?

Because then I'm pretty sure your name is actually Britney.

And no, we are measurably less entertained since you have been away.

Viper said...

Your absence has driven me to drink. Wait, no, sorry. That wasn't you.

Roisin said...

Greece has a leg up on Ireland...I have yet to find ONE single relative with internet access. Hello internet cafes!

BeachRunner said...

Leon. ROFL. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Jodie said...

Thank goodness we have the olympics to tide us over while you're away...otherwise, what would we all do?

(Glad your sis's foot is okay...)

Viv said...

Leon what a great name. Does the baby growl at ya or what!
GPS's are too much I have one that I downloaded a sexy voice for some of the thigs she says are x rated, I love it. Take care miss you return safely but have a blast!

Lily on the Road said...


We KNOW you are on VACAY and still we stalk want to talk addiction?? LMAO.

Hope you're having fun and Please try to miss running over the donkey.

RunnerGirl said...

Hope you're having fun on your trip. And I hope you make it home w/o running over anyone else :)