Monday, 17 November 2008

Back to normal ... sort of

Oops. It seems I neglected to tell you all I would be out of town for a bit. Eh, my memory is total shite nowadays, so this doesn’t surprise me. I can barely remember what day of the week it is anymore.

For three and a half days I was in Siena. Well, I stayed in Siena, but I spent most of my time in a former monastery about twenty minutes outside the town.

I brought all my running gear with me, determined to get a run in since I hadn’t hit the pavement since Sunday. Finally, on the morning of the last day of the conference, I crawled my sorry self out of my warm bed and actually managed to get a short two mile run in.

The streets of Siena are entirely paved with stone (though there the slabs are much broader than the ones in Rome), so I’m glad I made it a short run as my knees were twinging towards the end. I ran from my accommodation near the church of Santa Maria dei Servi to the Campo, running six laps around the piazza before returning home. It was a beautiful cool morning and I had the area almost totally to myself except for a woman walking her dog. Oh, and the ten-person garbage crew cleaning up the remnants of Friday night’s revelry. At least I provided them some entertainment.

Here are some photos of Siena and the monastery. Enjoy.

early morning view from my bathroom window

Torre del Mangia

Palazzo Pubblico

Santa Maria dei Servi

Palazzo Salimbeni

monastery's main courtyard

view from the entrance of the monastery

one of the monastery buildings

olive picking time

view of the countryside from the monastery's gardens

In Friday’s mini-post, I was a bit pre-mature with stating that my colon was no longer angry with me. Apparently that was just a temporary cease-fire agreement. The battle continues with my colon using explosives-fuelled gorilla guerrilla tactics [Editor's note: Thanks Razz.] and me retaliating with chemical weapons. Peace talks do not seem likely. This does not bode well for marathon day.

Hope you all have a great week. Catch up with you when I can.

P.S. – Out of curiosity, is anyone a master at Photoshop and have some spare time on their hands? If so, could you contact me via email? I have a request to make of you for which I will of course provide compensation.


Viper said...

Even if I wasn't half retarded when it came to Photoshop I wouldn't help.

The new Bond movie has a scene in Siena.

Good job getting a run in.

Xenia said...

Viper-- And this surprises me how? I am referring to both your refusal/inability to help and your partial retardation.

Brooke said...

wish I could help, but I have barely figured out how to put photos on the computer, let alone mess with 'em. Beautiful shots as is, however, and great job getting your run in.

Marcy said...

Oooohhhhh chica looks fabulous!

You know I have nothing but time on my hands. That's what the cages are for :P but alas I am FAR from an expect of Photoshop.

chia said...

I guess I have some experience with Photoshop. I'm not sure if it's the type of content you're looking for, however, I'm forever there for you. Like a rock. Only dumber.

Viv said...

I have Photoshop and everytime I open it, it appears more complicated. I might just buy the "for dummies" book on it because I really want to use it.

Nice job on the run. I can imagine the cobblestone is tough on the bod.

I hope there is a peace treaty signed very soon on this colon battle.

The pictures are just gorgeous! It let's me feel like I went on a trip from my little kitchen in TX...

Merry said...

Love the pictures!
I'm feeling photo-challenged here.
My blog: pictures of my backyard, woo hoo
Xenia's blog: pictures of Sienna, Rome, Italians... sigh
I'm going to learn myself Photoshop and start tweaking my photos!

p.s. Photoshop has over 500 commands, so it's easy to feel like a dummy!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Siena is a great place to be. You should visit it on the night before the Palio. Mind you, LOTS of people around!

Good job on the run.

joyRuN said...

Gorgeous pics! Wish I was there...

Good luck with the colon thing - can't everyone just get along?

RazZDoodle said...

Are gorilla tactics like guerilla tactics? Were bananas and old tires involved?

I have some PS experience. Depends on the gig, though.

The Running Knitter said...

Love the pics - so gorgeous. I have some photoshop experience as well if you need it. :)

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, so lucky are indeed having a wonderful life....

Check out Runner Leana, she photoshopped her banner, just saying!

tfh said...

Looks like a beautiful place to quietly sip espresso and nibble on biscotti. Running laps on streets paved of stone, though? I can't say I really envy you that. Also, hard surfaces rattle the colon more. That is my scientific assessment.

Nitmos said...

I can think of no better view to poop to than that view. I would let my legs go numb happily.

Ted said...

I would love to have that kind of view when I go to the bathroom. I would just sit on the toilet all day and just marvel at the scenery.

There is one blogger who is pretty good at photoshop that you might want to contact.

The Laminator said...

Awesome pics, Xenia! I am an experts in many pursuits, but unfortunately anything that has to do with photography is way out of my league. Sorry!