Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dear RBFs

Okay, so there's 12 days till the Florence marathon and I haven't felt like running much lately. In fact, the only thing I have felt like doing is crawling into bed and sleeping for about a month. Like Ted, I seem to have lost some of my motivation. Bottom line: this is not good.

So, to try to get back in the running spirit, I thought I would focus on race day preparations. Here's where you marathoners come in. Basically, I want to know everything. What are your pre and post races do's and don'ts? What do you wish you had known/done prior to running your first marathon? Did you ever suffer from a lack of motivation before the race? If so, how did you conquer it? Also, how on god's green earth do you all survive marathon training with actual jobs?! Except for deadlines, I pretty much set my own daily work schedule and I haven't been able to balance things well at all. At least not well enough to not feel run down and cranky all the time.

While I await your words of wisdom, I'm going to try to get some work done while also searching for a pirated copy of Spirit of the Marathon on the web. That might get me excited to run again.


Lily on the Road said...

* don't change ANY of your routine right now,
* sleep, eat and drink everything your normally would
* as long as you've been able to get your LLLOOOONNNNGGGG runs in, you'll be fine,
* start hydrating & fueling now, not the night before your race,
* have your pre-race meal two nights before the race, not one the eve of the race,

* don't start out too fast,
* pace yourself,
* it's your first marathon, enjoy it
* go for time only if you feel you got it, otherwise, enjoy it and you'll be a MARATHONER in NO time!

* as for training with a full time job ~ it sucks but you've got to do it......

You are going to be AWESOME!

Hugs, your "other mother"

Viv said...

Xenia, I am no marthoner in fact I have this feeling that my first marathon will be after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 bike ride....

I have done a 4hour tri and got motivation knowing I am doing something others will not even try to attempt. I thrived on the feeling that would come soon after crossing the finish line.

Watch some motivational clips on You Tube babe.

You are about to become a marathoner and the Florence Marathon how many can say that.

Get motivation knowing some fat girl in TX is waiting for you to cross that finish line and relish in your achievement.

Marcy said...

I agree with everything Lily has said! The only thing I would've changed is having more of a plan with the walk breaks. I didn't intend on taking any but when it became a must it kind of threw me off the loop. Next time if I need them I'll have to stick to some sort of plan, otherwise they drag out for longer than they should :-/

But TOTALLY enjoy it! You only get one 1st so don't beat yourself up too bad if you don't make any goals, k? ;-)

tfh said...

I know nothing. Except I motivate myself to run by drinking copious amounts of coffee.

I've forgotten-- how exactly does this marathon coincide w/ your bday? Before? After? During? I'm pretty sure I'm not making up the connection. Anyway, it's going to be great. You're doing something brave-- first marathon, and in a foreign country too-- and I have a feeling it will be hard not to be excited once you're surrounded by the other runners on the streets of Florence, even if you can't summon up the excitement now.

Merry said...

I wish I has some incredibly insightful... um, insight to share with you. All I can say is that I admire your chutzpah for going for a marathon.
I was looking through old comments on my Sheesh blog from this time last year.
On November 6th, 2007, you vowed to make November 18th, 2007 the day when you started running.


And now you're gearing up for a marathon? Xenia, my dear, you need to stop running for a second so I can give you a pat on the back!

Viper said...

Quit your bitchin' and stop thinking about it so much. One step at a time. Get your fuel and fluids. Get your rest. Relax. Enjoy the mayhem at the starting line. You'll be fine. And you'll be a marathoner. And it'll be pretty sweet.

Nitmos said...

Usually I'm so ready to run I can't stand waiting anymore. Just keep focusing on the fact that, once you cross the finish, from then on you are officially and forevermore a Marathoner. Visualize the finish. Oh, and eat healthy and keep running during the taper.

Ted said...

Take my advice to your heart. Sleep in. Sit next to a fireplace. Skip the marathon. Have someone to bring you some hot tea or coffee. Jump in the jacuzzi with a bottle of champagne. Curl up with a big blanket and read a good novel. Bad advice !!! Scratch that !!! I know there are many runners who are facing the same dilemma that we are. I am going to try to drag my sorry ass to the starting line. Just kidding. Bottom line... I need to do it. I can vision the fireplace, wine, turkey after I cross the line. So my advice to you, think of something rewarding after you cross the line!

BCB said...

Babe, I know you can do it. That's all. It's really that simple. I have faith in you and your determination.

Of course, I also think you're effing crazy. But I like that about you.

Maggs said...

Stop thinking about it. The training is done and race day you'll be ready. Go out and have fun and run a marathon. Good luck.

rssasrb said...

You will do great. It is an amazing journey you've been on this year. Have confidence in your self, remember how far you've come, then go forward.

Loved the pictures in the last post.

Jamie said...

I went through the same thing. But have no doubt you are trained. Just keep seeing yourself crossing the finish line. Don't change anything at this point.

Laura said...

I'm very behind, but my race prep mainly starts just a few days before anyway, so you should be fine. They're basically all about eating:

1. Don't try to cut back on your calories in the week before the race. Now is NOT the time to diet.
2. At the same time, don't eat whatever you want because you're going to burn it off. It's really easy to eat FAR more than you'll burn, and you don't want to feel stuffed and bloated on race day.
3. Don't eat any treats (ice cream, baked goods) in the two days leading up to the race.

Hope that helps! My biggest problems at the last minute have always been GI-related.