Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Answers...and more answers

Here are the correct answers to the quiz:

1) Mystic Pizza featured a fresh-faced Matt Damon in his first film role.

2) The 1985 fantasy film starring Tom Cruise was Legend. My sister and I seemed to have an obsession with unicorn movies when we were growing up because we loved this movie as well as the animated film The Last Unicorn based on the Peter S. Beagle book. I hear they’re thinking of making a live action version of it. This just confirms that Hollywood is full of morons.

3) Jennifer Lopez has been married three times, most recently to Marc Anthony. I think Viv’s nickname for him (Skeletor) is the best one yet and I will use it from here on out.

4) The actor I do not want to lick all over is Steve Buscemi. Great actor, just not lick-worthy.

5) Nicole Kidman is the one who needs to stop with the Botox injections...and also stop denying that she gets them. Seriously, we’re not blind idiots. It’s obvious, Nic. And while you’re at it, stop having crap injected into your lips. You’re looking like one big hot plastic mess right now. It ain’t pretty.

The winner of the quiz was Marcy. Yay Marcy! The second winner chosen by the random number generator was commenter #11.

That would be my girl, Viv. Yay Viv! Ladies, email me your snail mail addresses and soon you will be owners of high quality tacky-ass Popeners.

Ask/badger Xenia
Wherein I steal a segment and verbiage from other bloggers, rename it and therefore don’t have to give them credit for it. Huzzah!

There have been some interesting comments and questions from some of you recently, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to respond to them. (Or else I’m dying for blog material and this is all I got. Either way, it works, no?)

Because of the title of the previous post, tfh feared I was preggers.
Response: Thankfully, I’m not. The world can live another glorious day without the fear of me spawning just yet. However, recently, there was a pregnancy scare here at the Nerditorium which required the wearing of a fake wedding ring while purchasing multiple pregnancy tests at the pharmacy. (This is Catholic country, people.) Results were thankfully negative. Just a freakish false alarm. My friend was quite relieved.

With just one quiz left and only two chances to win, Theresa asked ‘Is there a way to bribe the random number generator?’
Response: Bribe the random number generator? No. Bribing the person who plugs the numbers into the random number generator? You betcha!

In response to my imminent departure from Rome, theloosemoose laments a lost opportunity: ‘Leaving Rome in one week?! Damn. There goes my devilish plot of stalking you at the Nerditorium and coercing you into being my running buddy this February...'Cause that wouldn't be weird at ALL, right?

Loose Moose: "Hi! I read your blog all the time. Lace up those shoes, and let's hit the road, shall we?"

Xenia: "Polizia!! Aiuto!!"’
Response: Trust me, a random encounter with an internet stalker would probably end better for me than calling in the Italian police. Potential for molestation increases when the polizia are involved.

Lily and POM are bugging me to post my race photos.
Response: Seriously, you want to see me in all my crappy running non-glory? You’re sad individuals. Fine, but this is all I’m willing to show of me on this blog.

This is a post-race photo of me and my sister Z.

Okay, maybe it’s 25 years out of date, but at least it conveys the general attitude from marathon day.
Me = tired and unimpressed with having another photo of me taken.
Z = proud of her little sister and over the moon about having another photo taken of her.

That’s it for me today. The last pop quiz will be posted tomorrow with the results announced on Friday. Good luck and happy hump day to all.


Turi said...

Hey, congrats to Marcy and Viv - I just got my Popener in the mail last night! Trust me, it's not tacky - it'll be a seriously treasured heirloom. Thanks Xenia!

Marcy said...

YYYYYEEEESSSSSS I finally win! I'm never a winner LMAO!

I agree about Nicole. She looks like a wax figure :-X Although I don't even know why any of them bother. They all get photoshopped to death anyway. Have you seen Jessica Alba's latest photo shoot?

Melanie said...

lol at the race pic.. :)

Viv said...

Whohooo! I won, a Popener!! I had to google it but we can keep that on the DL.

HHAHAHAHAHA at the post race pic!!!

Roisin said...

I aspire to receive a Popener someday!

Viper said...

Ironically, I stole that verbiage from someone else, but never bothered to give credit because I thought it was obvious.

Also, Last Unicorn was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. I have dusty VHS copy of it.

tfh said...

The Popener is probably the classiest thing in my kitchen. Just for reference.

Love those pregnancy scares! C'mon, now that we know you were such an angelfaced little girl, you can hardly claim procreating would inspire fear in the world.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

What's the Vatican's cut on the Popener? Is this how Benedict affords those shoes?

Nitmos said...

Nice use of You Betcha. This is becoming popular lexicon these days for better or worse.

Merry said...

I love the post-race picture!

Isn't it obligatory to accompany the phrase you betcha with a wink? Maybe that's optional. I need to check this out. These etiquette questions are important.

I want a popener... but my mother would kill me... :(

The Running Knitter said...

What if I don't want a popopener but just a postcard from Rome (I collect postcards)? Maybe the random number generator can be bribed with a special hand knit item? :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

A Popener, who knew?!

I'm glad I got to see the answers before the questions, so I didn't have to be confronted with how ignorant I am.

And love the post race picture!

joyRuN said...

What does it take to bribe the person who plugs the numbers into the random number generator? I WANT A POPENER!!!

LMAO at your post-race photo! You crack me up :)

X-Country2 said...

Such a fun post! I love the picture.

Lauren said...

Live action The Last Unicorn!! Would I pay good money to see that? You betcha? I wonder if Jeff Bridges would be willing to play the prince again.

Love the picture. It's nice to see attitudes don't change even after 25 years.

The Laminator said...

Not fair...I was traveling when you unleashed your quiz...So I didn't get a chance to answer and win the Popener!

Love your baby pic, Xenia. You and your sister looked so adorable.

Frayed Laces said...

Hehe childhood photos reveal so much.

Glad you're not preggers. Babies and PhDs don't mix.

However, I had an epiphany a few days ago and thought of you. When I was trying to explain to a friend why I suddenly decided to start having a social life, I said it was because
"I can't have sex with my PhD". Keep that in mind.