Friday, 12 December 2008

F*ckin' hell, it's Friday

Panic has officially set in. I’ve got very little time left (9 days!) to get a lot of work done before I fly home for the holidays. Only four days left in Rome. Then I fly to England where I’ll be stuck in another bloody library for four days before jetting off for the states. [Editor’s note: Glaven, I don’t mean to diss libraries, but I’ve currently exceeded my tolerance levels, especially as I’ve been sharing a small study room with Bodily Functions Man. No, I’m not going to go into detail about him. You have imaginations, use them.]

The to-do list doesn’t end when I get to the states either. It seems like I’m going to be bouncing around the country again. I may even be helping my sister drive her car back from NH to Chicago which means I may get the opportunity to egg some of your homes along the way. Or not. Depends on the weather.

The flurry of last minute research has put a kibosh on my exercise goals. The weather hasn’t helped any either. I haven’t run since Sunday. Blah. My sorry ass has only racked up a measly 4.6 HBBC points for the week. That’s pathetic. I hereby make a promise to you all—rain or shine, I will run this weekend. Despite the rain, Rome is a hell of a lot warmer than England or the states right now so I really shouldn’t be such a wuss about it.

Okay, okay, enough blathering. On to the quiz results. The answers were as follows:

1) The Roman water channel is an aqueduct. To get a sense of how big that chamber was, I could stand straight up with my head almost touching the top and I’m 5’5”.

2) The Italian word for ice cream is gelato.

3) The hunk of marble currently being used as a basin in a water fountain is actually a Roman sarcophagus. Yup, dead people used to be in that thing. Mmmm, yummy.

4) The building is the Colosseum.

5) c

One person actually got all the answers right, but I have no idea who they are since they signed in as anonymous. Also, they appear to have posted past my 2 am cut off time, so they’re ineligible anyway. Sorry, Anonymous. Better luck next time.

So, the first one with the most correct answers was Theresa. Yay Theresa! The second winner as determined by the random number generator is commenter #15.

That would be Jenn from Getting Fit and Loving It. Yay Jenn! Ladies, email me your addresses and I’ll get those Popeners out to you on Monday.

All right, back to the grind for me. That is, until this evening when there is a grand extravaganza in honor of the Nerditorium artists showing off some of their work. There will be much drinking and merriment and potentially an ‘artsy’ porn film. Should be good times.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


RazZDoodle said...

Nice to know I'm not in the path of your egg rampage.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, Xenia! I jes' cain't stay may-ad atchoo!

I, of all people, know just what kind of weirdos hang out in Libraries: Smelly people; people addicted to porn; people who talk to themselves; people who constantly touch themselves inappropriately; people who touch others inappropriately; etc.

And that's just the staff!

Okay, okay! Specifically, that's just ONE particular staff member ...

Okay. That staff member is me. Happy now?

Ripped off of a Popener again! For THAT I'm not sure I can forgive you, Xenia. Or should i call you by your real name, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich!?!1! Because there's no WAY a non-gamed random number generator could have come up with any other number than MINE since I commented TWICE yesterday. So you obviously sold that "random" number to the highest bidder.

The Popener is so ashamed of you.

Roisin said...

Alas...I will have to go to Rome on my own to get a Popener! I missed the quiz yesterday...too busy obsessing over how bad I smelled after my run.

Good luck getting everything done before the holidays! If you do drive by Chicago, please don't egg my apartment. The landlord would be none too happy!

Jamie said...

You can do a drive by egg throwing at my place in Chi-town. It's better than that weirdo using our alley way and garbage can as his own private bathroom.

Good luck getting through everything in the next 9 days!

joyRuN said...

Although the loss of yet another Popener has me fuming, I'm glad to see that you seem to have tied me in the least amount of HBBC points generated this week. I think I'll make it a point to stubbornly stay at the bottom of this challenge.

Jenn said...

Holy Crap! I never win anything! I didn't even win my own contest. LOL. Off to email you so that I can get my goodies!


The Running Knitter said...

I won't be in the egg throwing path either! :)

Calyx Meredith said...

A sarcophagus? Cool! Enjoy your artsy pron and rain-or-shine run!

Theresa said...

Woohoo! A popener! I can't wait.

And I am soooo glad that I'm not in grad school anymore. Yeesh, you have my sympathies. Good luck on getting things done over the next few days!

Viper said...

I was robbed!

X-Country2 said...

I'm totally with Viper on this one. Grad school did a number on my sanity. All the stress and expense of undergrad with all the drinking and casual sex.

Marcy said...

YOu can egg me. I'd love it LMAO!

BCB said...

Wow, I was feeling kind of bummed I didn't win a Popener, because the complete irreverence of it is just amazingly wonderful and makes me lust rather irreverently to possess one -- until I realized how upset and disappointed and angry and maybe even violent all your other commenters are about missing out on this last chance. [note to those who don't know me as well as Ms X does: very dry sarcasm at work here] So then I figured it's as just as well all that negativity is directed at Theresa and Jenn, and not me. In fact, I think they should go ahead and post their addresses here in the comments, as I'm sure you won't have time to check email in the next nine days. I'm sure some of us would even be willing to help you ship said Popeners. [evil grin] One less thing for you to do, after all.

No? Oh well, I figure you can send me a priceless relic from one of your digs as a consolation prize.

Hey, seriously, if you can finish an effing marathon you can do whatever needs doing before you leave Rome. Wishing you safe travels and poor aim (or at least a weak throwing arm) and an abundance of happy times with family!

The Laminator said...

Damn! Schnubbed by the random number generator again!!! Are you driving by NYC on your cross country trip or do I have to board up my windows and doors just in case there's an egger crusing by my neighborhood?

Viv said...

hehehe because of my sickness I missed a smart peoples quiz, just like in school.

Have a great weekend!

Marci said...

I guess I'm safe from the eggs being in Canada.

Being totally naive, what is a Popener?

chia said...

Dude, the fam and I will be attending Chicago this Christmas season as well. Care to trot the windy city?