Thursday, 11 December 2008

Last Chance Saloon

Last night there was the thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms. It woke me up out of a sound sleep and that is notoriously difficult to do. Or so I’ve been told.

There was thunder, lightning, hail and a whole lotta rain. So much of it that my site visit today had to be postponed until Monday. If it rains again on Monday I’m screwed since I leave for England on Tuesday. Poopsicles.

Anyhoo, on to the quiz. The final quiz. This is your last chance for a Popener, people. Play hard and play dirty. At least do something to entertain me as I’ll be trapped in the library again today.

The rules remain the same—first one with the most correct answers wins a Popener and postcard. A second winner will be chosen by the random number generator, so leave a comment anyway and you’ll still have a chance.

All right, here are the questions:

1) This is a photo of the inside of a Roman water channel.
What is the more common name for this structure? [Hint: The word begins with an ‘A’.]

2) Let’s see how much you actually pay attention to the drivel I write. This is a photo of some of the best ice cream in Rome.
What is the Italian word for ice cream?

3) This is a water fountain in Piazza del Popolo.
The basin is from the Roman period. What was it originally used for?

4) This is a photo of a small part of a very famous building in Rome.

What building is it?

5) This is the Trevi fountain.
Why do people throw coins into it?
(a) People in Rome don’t like small change and just want to get rid of it.
(b) People in Rome like small change but it’s very dirty so they’re just trying to clean it.
(c) It’s believed that throwing a coin in will ensure your return to Rome.
(d) Rome is full of weird people and they all do very odd things like throwing money away.

Leave your answers in the comments of this post by 2 am EST on Friday December 12 (tomorrow) which is about the time my brain will start to function again (that’s 8 am my time). I’ll post the names of the winners then.

Good luck, everyone!


Theresa said...

1. aquaduct
2. gellato
3. Um..a urinal, maybe?
4. Colosseum
5. c

I win, right? :+)

BCB said...

1. Looks like an arch. But the Romans liked to use big words when small ones would do just as well and so they called this an aqueduct.

2. Eeeew. This is a gelatinous mass of gelato, though with two scoops I believe it's perhaps also known as gelati.

3. If this is in western Rome, then it's a horse trough. Got to have those in westerns. Not sure about its original use, but today it is commonly used to wash one's Popener or, in case of early morning emergencies, it can be used in lieu of a sink.

4. Ah, here there be lions. This is, of course, the National Zoo, sometimes called the Colosseum. Which, loosely translated, means: Lions, come y'all and see 'um.

5. Well, everyone knows that if you throw all your spare change into the fountains of the world, eventually you will realize you're broke and have to retrace your steps (or throws) and retrieve your coins. So the obvious answer is c). What few people realize is that this is actually e) the ancient Roman secret to getting tourists to pay their taxes for them. Very clever, those ancient Romans.

So, Professor X, how did I do? I think probably I got one or two correct. But I'm barely awake over here on the east coast and haven't had nearly enough caffeine yet. Can I go back to bed now?

BCB said...

HA! Theresa beat me by a minute, the fiend. But I believe you should deduct points for misspelled words. Really. Hers, not mine. Because she's been awake for HOURS.

Turi said...

Aqueduct, gelato, public water supply, Colosseum and C.

Nitmos said...

I'll copy Turi above though, to be fair, I completely cheated. So don't count me.

Marcy said...

Damn I'm late! My answers would be the same as Theresa :-)

The Running Knitter said...

I had no idea on any of those answers! :)

Ted said...

Any chance of you FedExing the ice cream to me?

Speaking of number 3, I would guess its a place where people can pee in there.

Lauren said...

Late again! Nice pictures. Good luck with your site visits.

The Laminator said...

1. Aqueduct
2. Gelato
3. A place to collect pee
4. Collosseum
5. C

And I didn't even have to cheat for this one. That should count for something, doesn't it?

Calyx Meredith said...

My answers would be the same as Turi's - aqueduct, gelato (yummy!), public water, Colosseum, and c). But my question is how does anyone get a picture of the Colosseum without cats in it?!

Merry said...

Well damn! Everybody's agreeing with Theresa, and she has a distressing habit of usually being right.
I'm going to strike out on my own here.

1 - Alimentary channel
2 - Mine!!!!
3 - Bathin' the baby?
4 - The Collie-see-um, where ancient Romans used to gather to watch border collies herd the lions and Christians together.
5 - d. Clearly d.

Well? How'd I do?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

At least do something to entertain me as I’ll be trapped in the library again today.

As a librarian, I find this statement most OFFENSIVE and just for that I'm going to punish you by not playing your little game, even though I know all the answers, I really do. But you'll never know it!

But just to be clear about the rules, this comment qualifies me to win by randon drawing, right? The comment doesn't actually have to have answers to qualify, does it? Because that would give an unfair advantage to people who know stuff.

And while I'm in outrage mode - which, being a librarian, I am pretty much all the time - may I just add ..."Poopsicles"? You should visit my blog to see how to class this place up a bit more! Such language. Makes me want to aspirate in my pants.

(Joke :-))

I want a POPENER! Or at least a Cardinal Corkscrew!

("Cardinal Corkscrew" was voted teh lamest DC Comics Superhero for three straight years! And then for two more gay ones.)

Laura said...

I didn't look any of this up; these are just best guesses, so they could be WAY off...

1. Aqueduct
2. Gelato
3. Drinking for horses
4. Parthenon
5. C

Jenn said...

First, Xenia, I love your pop quizzes! They are always so entertaining and fun. I hope you continue them when you go back to England.

Second, I love to read Glavin's answers to anything. Dude is so funny! If I were not already in love with someone else I think I would have a total blogger crush.

(Pick me please!)

Viper said...

I'm playing for a Popener that doesn't break ...

1) Anus
2) ice0a cream-a
3) Water sports
4) McDonalds ... I could tell by the arches
5) b

Melanie said...

My answers would be the same as Turi's, but it looks like I'm really late on getting to this so I'm having to hope for the random number generator to pick me.

joyRuN said...

DOH! Late again. Geezopetes.

Advantage to lateness: enjoying everyone else's comments (I think Viper's got it) & GASP - discovering that someone else has a crush on MY Glaveypoo. Actually, that would be teh Bride's Glaveypoo, but whatever.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Girls, girls! There's enough of me to go around!

Guys ... submit photos first. You must be this girly-looking or better to be seriously considered.

Woo-hoo! Two comments = TWO random shots at a POPENER! If I don't win, I'll know the fix is in and believe me, Xenia, YOUR chances of having me will go WAY down.

But should I win a POPENER, you're a virtual shoe-in. (Assuming you've developed a bit since that photo from the post the other day.)

X-Country2 said...

Come on random number generator! Mama needs a new Popener!

Anonymous said...

sarcophagus (coffin)

Theresa said...

Really? I'm usually right? I mean I always knew I couldn't spell, but the usually being right thing - that sound's like way too much pressure.

Meg said...

Darn it I'm so late and I could actually answer these!