Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Late, late, for a very important date...

Sorry about the delay. I was out all morning on a site visit and am only catching up now.

This is going to be the second to last quiz. The last one will probably go up on Thursday of this week. The rules are the same as last time--first one with the most correct answers wins a postcard and coveted Popener. A second winner will be chosen with the random number generator. I'll give you until 2 am EST on Wednesday December 10th (that's tomorrow, folks) to post your answers in the comments because that's when I should be up and able to tally the results.

Okay, here are the questions:

1) Which actor made his film debut in the movie “Mystic Pizza”?

2) Which 1985 fantasy movie did Tom Cruise star in? (Hint: It was directed by Ridley Scott and co-starred Tim Curry.)

3) How many times has Jennifer Lopez been married? (Bonus: How long do you think her marriage to the Walking Corpse will last?)

4) Which of these actors do I NOT want to lick up one side and down the other?
(a) Clive Owen
(b) Eric Bana
(c) Gerard Butler
(d) Steve Buscemi

5) Which of these actresses needs to lay off the Botox pronto?
(a) Nicole Kidman
(b) Jessica Alba
(c) Scarlett Johansson
(d) Kate Winslet

All right. Good luck. Hope your dwindling chances of winning don't make you choke.

Later gators.


Marcy said...

Matt Damon
3 (I think it might last to tell you the truth :-X)
Legend (man I like that movie when I was a kid LOL)

Marcy said...

And YAY I'm first!! HAHA

Melanie said...

1 - Matt Damon (i only know this because I love MD)
2 - Legend
3 - 3 times (Marc was #3)
4 - D (I mean, EW)
5 - D (though this one is a little subjective)


Roisin said...

1. Damon...damnit Marcy!
2. Legend
3. 3 and I give the current one 5 years max.
4. D...but I do love him
5. A. For reals.

Brooke said...

interesting...I never knew Matt Damon was in that! If it wasn't for the "his" in the question I would've guessed Julia Roberts ;)

Merry said...

Wow, this blog is not only entertaining, it is educational. I hadn't realized that was Matt Damon. Learned something new already, and the day has just started :)

The Running Knitter said...

1. Matt Damon
2. Legend
3. third...and I don't see it lasting much longer!
4. D
5. I'll say B.

Lauren said...

Matt Damon must have been about 10 years old. I guess he didn't play the dad with the babysitter...
2-Legend, not nearly as good a movie when you see it as an 'adult'
3- Was it three? I know there was that one dude that lasted a month and then Marc Anthony. Who was the third? She never married P Diddy or Ben Affleck (unless getting your butt massaged by a guy in your music video counts as a binding legal contract)
5-A, maybe she'll get pregnant again and start looking human

joyRuN said...

This is what I get for not stalking Google Reader this morning!

I'm going for the random number generator.

Theresa said...

Really? Matt Damon was in Mystic Pizza. Huh.

Is there a way to bribe the random number generator?

Viv said...

Wohoo Marcy is first!!

Dayum I rolled in late, here are myanswers and crossing fingers for the randomnatoe...

1.Matt Damon
3.2 Skeletor is the only guy who can keep that bitch on lockdown.
4.D except i found him kinda of sexy in this movie where he was a reporter with the chick that banged Jude Law, but it could have been cause he was really the only guy in the movie and I was horny,
5.A total guess have not seen her up close lately and i can neever get past scarlett's lips man she is sexy

tfh said...

So, I saw the subject of your latest post and rushed over here, like, OMG, Xenia's pregnant!

Well, no. But I think that if I were to get accidentally knocked up, I would definitely use that line.

(I fail the celeb quiz, BTW. For instance, I thought the answer to #3 was in the double digits.)

Anonymous said...

This quiz is way harder than the SAT.

I can not has Popener. :(

BCB said...

Huh. Not only do I not know any of the answers, I strongly suspect that half the people you mentioned are entirely made up and don't exist.

Okay, for the Thursday quiz, I insist you ask questions that only I can answer. So I can win. Because Thursday is my birthday, that's why. Besides, I think it would be cool to have a Popener sent to me by one of my imaginary friends. And a postcard from Italy. (You could send that even if I don't win. Really.)

Anonymous said...

you do realize that gerard butler is a man whore, right? not sure if you want to lick him.