Friday, 27 February 2009


Thank you for indulging me in my whine-fest yesterday. Well, most of you. The pity party is now over. Of all the advice and suggestions left in the comments, my favorite was offered up by Blyfinn. I’ve got the butter knife, but no black squirrel. Would a pigeon do? Or, failing that, one of the little kiddies from the school across the street? I’m sure their parents won’t mind.

I went for a short three miler last night. The weather was decent and I was feeling fine if a bit winded during the first half. Then I felt it. Shin splints. Crap. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve had them on a run. Both times I was trying to push the pace so I just pulled back a bit. Nada. They were still there for the rest of the run. I haven’t had shin splints since I first started running. I’ve either lost a hell of a lot of fitness in the past few weeks or my apathy from last summer is now coming back to bite me in the ass. Or the shins so to speak.

When I was in the states last summer, I went to the local sports store to purchase another pair of shoes before I flew back here. In typical Xenia fashion, I waited until the day before I was leaving to go on this shopping excursion. I ended up getting another pair of Asics and some pretty insightful advice from a girl barely into puberty. Because of her young age, I didn’t really take her seriously at first, but then I realized she actually knew what the hell she was talking about so I set aside my preconceptions and listened to her.

She told me that my overpronation was a bit more than I had previously thought and that I should get some supportive inserts for my shoes. She told me of a local store that sold a particular brand that would be very good for me, but since I was leaving early the next day I knew I wouldn’t get them. So I proceeded to forget everything she told me and then neglected to look for any insoles once I flew back across the Atlantic.

Well, now I’m pretty sure I’m paying for it. More than ever now, I notice how much I overpronate and it’s beginning to bother me, both physically and mentally. And this is not just in my running shoes. I feel it while wearing my every day no-heels shoes too. Bleh.

Fingers crossed I have a little time today to stop by the local running store before I head on over to the train station in the afternoon. Hopefully I can get some decent advice about where to get some inserts for my poor feetsies. Maybe even for my regular footwear too. It definitely can’t hurt any.

So I’ll be running my races (yes, plural!) this weekend sans proper arch support. I’m really hoping the shin splints won’t be a problem on Sunday, but considering their pattern so far, I should probably bet on them making an appearance. My hopes for these races have definitely been lowered. No time goals, no PRs. Just finish, preferably not limping.

Besides destroying my arches on Sunday, I’ll be touring the Welsh countryside in a rental car on Saturday with my buddy Theresa. I’m the driver, peeps, so everyone best stay off the roads since I haven’t driven over here in years. Which side should I be on again?

Then after the races on Sunday I have to endure a two hour train ride home in my own sweaty stank. I’m sure it will impress my fellow passengers. Hopefully none of them gets off on it and Razzdoodles himself.

On a side note, isn’t Razzdoodle a great word? It’s like the new smurfy. I’m going to use it whenever possible in whatever context I feel like. It’s that versatile.

For example:

That girl just razzdoodled the pole. And did you see the razzdoodlerific guy over there? He totally razzdoodled himself watching her.

It’s just plain awesome.

All right folks, I hope you have a very razzdoodlerific weekend. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.

Later gators.


Anonymous said..., Shinsplints suck big time.
Take care of the feet and shins and enjoy the runs.

Btw, have fun in the part of the world where they have place-names like


The Laminator said...

Take care of those poor feet feet of yours Xenia before you consider racing with them. One of my running mantras is: The most important run, always, is tomorrow's. So protect that.

Have an awesome razzydoodlerific weekend yourself! (Wow, I like how the word just rolls off my fingers like that...)

joyRuN said...

Damn, that's a good mantra from Lam.

Was it superfeet insoles that the zygote (thanks, GP) recommended or sofsoles? We need to get yo' feet some proper support!!

Enjoy the stanky 2 hours. Maybe some baby wipes?

RazZDoodle said...

I'm copyrighting my name.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Grrr! joySashaY stealing MY word!1! (<-- How many times I gotta tell you, X? That last "Y" is CAPITALIZED! I saw your comment on her blog today!)

Because of her young age, I didn’t really take her seriously at first, but then I realized she actually knew what the hell she was talking about so I set aside my preconceptions and listened to her.

Hahaha!! The zygote (YOU, Xenia) gets to be the oldhead for once! You have to listen to kids who are younger than some of the BLISTERS you have on your feet. WELCOME TO MY @$$ RAPING HELL!!1!

Good luck on the races! F*ck the times! Just enjoy!

tfh said...

Good luck with the races. Maybe you'll find arch support before you hit the train station? I might even grab a pair of Dr Scholls or whatever equivalent they have over there to at least test in my regular shoes-- in fact, that's what I did when I was having arch pain. Either way I'm hoping you can run pain-free and that the weekend will be wonderful and de-stressing for you. Can you bring back a (suitably anonymous) video of your driving for us, or is that Too Unsafe?

Vanilla said...

Awesome! Seriously LMAO at your RazZDoodled reference. I almost RazZDoodled my pants with laughter.

Merry said...

I figure your "insole"ence won't affect the races... go for it! And take lots of pictures of your time in Wales with Dr. T. so we can all feel suitably jealous.

Viper said...

Toe lifts. Do them, get rid of shin splints. I haven't had shin splints in almost two years now.

Viper said...

Oh, and good luck racing.

Blyfinn said...

All I've ever had luck with is a true black squirrel. But heck if you have a squirrel and black spay paint. Who knows. You might get lucky and razzdoodle the running God's into believing it's a real black squirrel.

Marcy said...


I AM DYING over this new meaning of Razzdoodling. Funniest shiz!! In fact I think Mr McG Razzdoodled all over himself in agreement :P

Roisin said...

Good luck! I totally advocate Green Superfeet. Do it.

Anonymous said...

stay away from inserts and any over-supportive shoes - they're a temporary fix in a long term activity.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your TWO races this weekened! Leave the competition exhausted, heaving and razzdoodled.

X-Country2 said...

Kick butt on your races this weekend. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

copiaverborum said...

How were the races this weekend? Did you razzdoodle the sh*t out of them? ;)