Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Did she prove her worth?

I ran the 5K tempo run this morning. The actual distance was 3.18 miles. And it wasn’t so much a tempo run as a mock race. My time?


This equates to a 9:35 mile pace. I bested my 5K PR pace, but because of the stupid additional 0.08 miles I didn’t get to see a lovely sub-30 minute time on my watch. I’m a tad bitter about this. I’ll fiddle around on MapMyRun and measure out 0.08 miles backwards from my start/finish bollard in the park so I can eventually re-run this with the correct distance.

Overall I’m really happy with the improvement I’m seeing in my running log because of these tempo runs, so I’ve decided to stick with it and work up the tempo distance to 10K over the next few weeks. Hopefully I can find some local-ish races in the fall in which to show off my progress. So far though the search has turned up bupkis. So sad.

Muppet Monday
I deserved the Muppet award on Monday.

Once a week, I go shopping at the larger grocery store which is about a mile away from my house. I walk there carrying an empty backpack and a large reusable grocery bag and buy whatever I’ll need for the week.

Monday was shopping day for me. Laden down with my purchases, I made it back to my front door only to realize I had forgotten to pick my keys up off the desk before I left.


Two of my housemates are off on the continent, so that left me with the third who was working at the museum that day. So, feeling like a tired sherpa, I dragged my sorry ass along with my groceries across town to the museum to borrow her key, cursing everything I had decided to buy at the store that day—especially the supplies to make another batch of my self-shitting cookies.

My housemate was a little surprised to see me at her work place, more so for the fact that I looked like a pack mule. Turns out, she forgot to bring her lunch to work that day, so once I made it back home and put away all my foodstuffs, I then turned around and went back to the museum to deliver her packed leftovers to her. Quid pro quo and all that jazz.

Not including my regular daily walking mileage (which is something like three miles), I added an extra 4.5 miles to Monday’s tally. My feet were feeling well used by midday and I still had to go to spin class that night. Let’s just say I didn’t feel bad when I had a chocolate bar for dessert that evening. I’d definitely earned it.

All right, bitches, I gotta go. Ascot is on the tele and I’m having a fun time watching rich people having their gigantic hats blown off by the strong winds today. Oh, and the horse races are good fun too.

Happy hump day, everyone.


Lauren said...

That sucks about the .08 miles. I'd be bitter too! Somehow knowing you had a sub 30 minute 5k and seeing it on the watch are totally different things. You're doing great on the tempo runs though. Keep it up.

Kristina said...

I know you don't read Paddington (at least I hope so), but Paddington's Lucky Day has a line about the bear walking home, "laden with groceries." Sounds like it wasn't your lucky, day, but if there was any doubt, you've definitely acclimated to English diction.

Viper said...

Just consider it foot conditioning. All that time on your feet will pay off with higher mileage. Cheers.

Lily on the Road said...

All's well and all that crapola. Nice of you to pack a lunch for exchange for the key! Sweet!

Roisin said...

Stuff like that tends to happen to me...walking around all day sounds like a GREAT idea until you add up the mileage. Sheesh.

Anywho, go you with that 9:35!!!! It sounds like, with the added on .08, that you might have come in under 30 minutes. Either way, you're REALLY close, and that's pretty cool :)

raulgonemobile said...

Nice job on the 5K+!

Sucks about dragging everything about town.. hate it when I pull a stunt like that.

tfh said...

I say if you have to hike for your groceries, you've earned pretty much anything. Nice job on the 5k + some. Too bad you won't be stateside in the fall-- race city. Or rather, nation.

carpeviam said...

I knew you'd best your 5k time. Never doubted you for a second. What I do doubt, is your ability to make these self-shitting cookies look, um, unshittable. I'd like to see pics afterwards. For comparisons sake.

Carolina John said...

good job on the 5k time!

X-Country2 said...

Nice job on the 5k! Your watch will reward you very soon.

Jess said...

Nice job on the improved 5K time!

But sucks about having to cart those groceries around all over town. I can certainly relate to locking one's self out of the house: I have done it numerous times.

nwgdc said...

Happy Hump Day to you as well!
I HATE when courses aren't correctly measured. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it totally is...ugh!
Congrats nonetheless on the 5K counts!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run! Though it is a pity about the .08 miles, but I am sure you will repeat the feat many times

The key/grocery/lunch story will be a good laugh in a weeks time.

Have a great week

Ted said...

It is definitely my lucky day. I was drinking my iced tea while I was reading your post about how you looked like a pack mule. I swear to God, that iced tea almost made it through my nostril. Whew!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That TOTALLY counts as a sub-30 5k!

Now go eat some home-made poo cookies.

Or, as the English call all poo-looking and/or -flavored food:


joyRuN said...

Excellent job on the run!! Sorry to hear about all the added pack-muling all over England afterwards - what a freaking pain in the ass :(

Jamie said...

Great job on your tempo run! That is totally something that I would do! Glad you had at least someone around with keys. Cookies are definitely deserved after all that.

Marcy said...

Kick A chica! Very sweet job on that 5k! I'm really surprised there are no local races (Not even a 5k?!?) What the heck?! Yet another way the Brits are jerking you around LOL

You poor thing. I can't believe you even went to spin class. My lazy butt would've passed LOL

Vava said...

Nice run! Those tempo runs when you hold a previous race pace feel awesome!

In response to your good comment on my last post: Good point, though if he was trying to learn to swim he would have had plenty of room in one of the other lanes marked "Slow" or "Medium Slow". There was one person only in each of those! The problem is that many have trouble self-identifying themselves as anything but "Fast". Perhaps I'd have the same problem in another venue, but I like to think that I could keep my ego in check. I certainly have no such issue when it comes to running and will always line up in the proper corral at races because I don't want to get in the way of faster runners.

Thanks for the comment!

Nitmos said...

The 5k gods are conspiring to keep you away for they fear your PR. That'll make your triumph all the more sweet...eventually.

Anonymous said...

UGH! I would be bitter too! I have been striving for that sub-30 and I would have felt the same way! At least now, you know for sure you can do it!

The Laminator said...

Congrats on your 5K progress!