Thursday, 21 January 2010

Happy happy joy joy

Carpeviam tagged me for the 'ten things that make me happy' meme. Even though she and LooMoo have taken all the good answers, I’ll give it a go anyway. I’ll just be plagiarizing like mad. But it’s all their fault!

Ten things that make me happy:

1. My family who love and support me and try not to shatter my fragile mental state by not asking when I’ll be done with my degree too often.

2. My friends because they’re nerdy and just plain nuts and make me feel better about being the same.

3. My furball.
Unconditional love is a wonderful thing.

4. My passport which allows me to travel anywhere Americans won’t get shot at on sight. Actually my US passport will soon be joined by another one. Yes, I’m becoming a dual citizen soon. Go ahead and hate me.

5. English cream teas – Freshly baked scones smothered in clotted cream and jam with a nice hot cuppa to wash it all down.
Honestly, what could be better than that?

6. Curling up with a good book.

7. Chocolate and peanut butter.
Together. Forever.

8. Trivia games (Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Trivial Pursuit, etc)

9. Lilacs.
If I could ever find a perfume with the exact same scent I’d be even happier.

10. Running. Duh.

Now I’m supposed to tag ten people. I usually skip this part of the meme but today I’ve decided to go ahead with it, though I’m intentionally choosing some people because I know they won’t do it. Contrary, you say? You betcha.

1. Marathon Mama
2. MCM Mama
3. Razz
4. Viper
5. Mike
6. Jamoosh
7. Lily
8. joyRuN
9. XC-2
10. Ms. V

Later gators.


Jamoosh said...

For the love of all that is holy, why oh why did you have to show a picture of #7?

Especially when the machines in the building I am currently in are woefully inept in the choco/peanut category.

Also, hear me know, I am stealing #7 for my own...

ShutUpandRun said...

I just got fat reading this post. I am going to curl up in a laundry basket like your pussy (cat).

Razz said...

#11 - Razz

I understand.

Keith said...

If your furball is offering unconditional love, then he/she is gonna get run out of the cat union. Cat love always has conditions. You have to work for it.

There are places American's DON'T get shot on sight?? I thought Bush had pissed everybody off. Good for you on the dual citizenship! Which country, if you don't mind saying?

Chocolate and peanut butter. mmmmmmmmm.

Roisin said...

Seriously. Scones and tea make me deliriously happy.

Hey! I have dual citizenship too! We're awesome.

carpeviam said...

Peanut butter makes me crazy excited. And peanut butter with chocolate is orgasmic. I know.

Nice post.

Viper said...

1-10: Not doing these kinds of things.

Were you surprised?

Nitmos said...

When will you be done with your degree?

K said...

Ha ha ha!!! I love #1 & 2.

Sun Runner said...


I have one too. He also loves laundry baskets.

Even better.

Kristina said...

I can't decide if you think I won't do it b/c a) I'm too cynical and there's nothing that makes me happy or b) you already used clotted cream or c) I coincidentally did something similar in a post a few weeks ago.

Well ha on you! I'm gonna do it anyway! (I'm guessing the correct answer is (a), by the way.)

BrianFlash said...

Scones, clotted cream, and tea served in a cutsie British tea room. Very nice!

Danielle said...

What is clotted cream anyway?

Carolina John said...

dual citizenship? does that mean there's a man or other possible marriage scenario nobody knows about? i know you like your privacy, i'm just giving you shit about it.

those scones look incredible. wow.

MCM Mama said...

Ok, now I want a snack, a good book, and a cuddle with my cat.

Can I be one of the ones who won't do it? LOL

Theresa said...

I had to go have a scone because of this post. No clotted cream though.

Jess said...

Dual citizenship, huh? Will you also be adopting a fake accent and children from Africa like Madonna?

Anonymous said...

Dual citizenship, indeed. Gawd!!!!!!! Some people will do just about anything to get their full of spotted dick. It's obscene, really.

joyRuN said...

A day off would make me very happy right now.

Is clotted cream sweet? Couldn't they call is something more appetizing? Congealed goo, perhaps.

Ali said...

All I want it #7 right now ... yum yum yum!

My cat loves the laundry basket, and towels still warm from the dryer