Friday, 12 March 2010

O mother my mother

This Sunday is Mothering Sunday in the UK. Because England’s just gotta be different and celebrate Mother’s Day on the wrong day. Tossers.

Anyhoo, big hugs to my own mother who reads this blog and all your nutball comments. In our last Skype conversation, she even mentioned the surprising re-appearance of Glaven. See, she does know who you whack-jobs are. Scary, huh?

Momma X is not into sappy stuff, so Z and I always make sure to send her funny cards. For example, here’s the one I sent her this year. MOM, DON’T CLICK THE LINK! I posted your card on Wednesday. If it doesn’t make it in time then you can click on that.

I’m such a demanding little cuss, aren’t I? Well, you birthed me, so it’s your fault. :)

As compensation, I gift you with this. (Sorry, guys, this is a bit of an inside joke.)

I love you, Mom, and I can’t wait to see you next month.

To all you moms out there, happy early mother’s day from the island of bad teeth and stiff upper lips. I’ll eat a scone for you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Later gators.


Jamoosh said...

Mmmm, scones!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Pfffttt! Yeah [sarcasm]Thanks A LOT, Mama X, for not using that dumpster when you had the chance![/sarcasm]

Actually, I was thinking, for some reason, about my own dear departed Irish Ma this morning on my run. I don't know why. I do that every once in a while, because I miss her.

So Happy Mothering Day, Mama X!

And thanks for the gift of Xenia Teh Warrior Archaeologist!

(But SHE - X., that is - totally plans to dumpster yer @$$ when you get old. I can see it between the lines of like every post she uploads. She just butters you up because she wants your money.)

Roisin said...

Huzzah for your mum :)

Danielle said...

Oh my god, I love that card!

The Enthusiast said...


So totally not related to the blog, but since you're an American studying in England when you write do you have to use American or British spelling? Like would it be "Pagan pajamas" or "Pagan pyjamas?" Just curious.

joyRuN said...

Happy Mothering Day to Mama X :)

Now stop eating my scone & send it on over.

carpeviam said...

I called my mom the other day; she said, "how the hell did you get this number?"

Anonymous said...

My mom does NOT read my blog. Thank God, or I'd be grounded, like, forever.
Happy Mothering Day, Momma X!!!