Thursday, 22 April 2010

Keep on keeping on

My delayed 16 miler is now complete. It was broken up into a 6.4 mile loop and a 9.6 mile out and back to a friend’s place so I’d have plenty of opportunity to make it to a loo. Shitting myself whilst on a run has now become a major fear of mine, especially as my intestines decided to revolt on Monday night and continue to be a bit dodgy.

The run went as usual—slow, sluggish and mind-numbing. However, there were blue skies, lots of sunshine, the chance to run amidst horses (there was even a baby one!) and the opportunity to see two men on a bench next to the river drinking beer at 9:30 am. Class act, those two.

One more day of work and then I’m off to the south coast to collect my mom and aunt from the boat. Saturday cannot come soon enough.

Words from the wilderness
My sister Z continues to be trapped in the woods of NH. Although our family has been keeping her busy with running errands for them (*cough*lazy sods*cough*), she’s still found time to communicate another missive to you all. Again, my comments are red, italicized and in brackets.

- - - - - - - - - -

Stardate 04211032.5

I am still maintaining my post and have completed cleaning duties. Must find some motivation to move and stop eating everything in sight. Workouts not off to a good start. I did actually get dressed for one but did not complete the actual task. [That’s pretty much every day for me.]

Having the Visitor here over the weekend was a great and welcome break. Visitor had a great time even though the weather was horrible. I guess it's my fault I told him not to bring a coat. Who knew it was going to snow!

Visitor decreed that the cat behaved like a dog, e.g. follows you around, requires your attention at all times, is very vocal. [He doesn’t bark, but he makes a lot of Ewok-like sounds.] Visitor is not an animal lover, but took a shine to the cat. He called the cat his ‘filo’ (Greek word for friend) and decided the best form of communication was singing meows to him according to the commercial jingle.

Cat was totally in love with Visitor. [Cat has been trapped in an all-female household his whole life. He craves male companionship.] Visitor purchased a little bed for his new friend. [Damn thing is lined with catnip.] Cat now sleeps in his new bed all the time. [And is now a full-fledged druggie. Thanks a lot, Visitor! We know where to send the kitty rehab bill.]

Official photo from MTV Kitty Cribs

I have had my first encounter with the wildlife. Two wild turkeys came by for a visit. My first instinct was “Where's the cat?” [My furball may be old, but he’s still feisty and would try to take the damn things down.] I ran outside to see where he was and he was on the porch just watching them. My voice scared the turkeys and they turned back into the woods. Sadly, I thought of my camera too late and was foiled anyway as the battery was not charged! I will be better prepared for next time. Seems since that first sighting the turkeys keep coming back. Must be something in the yard they like. [The scent of cabin fever? Or kitty poop?]

Until next time,

- - - - - - - - - -

This is my last post for the week. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting much, if at all, next week. We’ll see.

Have a great (early) weekend, everyone!

Later gators.


Theresa said...

Awww, your furball reminds me of my old kitty Pumpkin (she came with that name). Sweetest kitty in the world.

Have a great time with your family!

BrianFlash said...

One of my longtime cats turned 19 recently. He has bad kidneys, but is totally laid back at this point.

He's always followed me around the house. What can I say - he likes me.

Lily on the Road said...

Good recap Z, like'n the filo story...Visitor can stay on the good people list.

Have a GREAT time with M & A,

and yes, I'm one of the freaks that pronounce it as Glas-ee-errrrrrr, we are part of the colonies, don't lump the Canuk in with all of North America! LMAO...


Viper said...

Have a good week+. Congrats on getting that 16-miler out of the way. Cheers!

The Merry said...

That's one way to ensure motivation -- station the loo miles away when you really have to go. What was the pace on that run? ;)

Roisin said...

There used to be a flock of turkeys in Naperville, too. Always five of them, and my cousin's bichon frise thought she could take them...big mistake.

Have fun with your relations this weekend!

Jamoosh said...

Yes, yes, it's likely going to take you a week to prepare the UK for my arrival...

Jess said...

Love your sister's posts!

carpeviam said...

Wait. I thought there WAS no food. Did you replenish?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

... the opportunity to see two men on a bench next to the river drinking beer at 9:30 am. Class act, those two.

Wow. You sure get can get all judgey for someone with poop in her pants.

I'm headed over to right now to see if they said anything bad about you. Bet they didn't. Because THEY are too classy.

Jamie said...

Your cat looks so happy to have a bed of her own! Too cute!

Good job on the 16 and have a great weekend!

X-Country2 said...

You and your sister crack me the hell up. Hee!

ali said...

well done on your 16 miler.

Love the cat pic, made me go give my kitty a cuddle

Danielle said...

Kitty totally looks stoned.

Nitmos said...

So, when is it okay to do crystal meth? Is there a socially acceptable hour Ms. Manners?