Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lamb to the slaughter

So I’m officially moved in and am the happiest camper this side of the Atlantic. My world is now full of white puffy clouds, love for (almost all of) mankind and angel farts which of course smell like roses because angels don’t poo. Duh.

The only exercise I’ve done recently is moving my stuff to the new place, unpacking and cleaning the hell out of the old place. The cleaning actually required the most effort as I had to move all the furniture around (it was a furnished apartment) to get to those untouched-in-a-century locations. In the process I found two pens, a hair clip, a bottle cap, a 10p coin, a dust bunny re-enactment of Watership Down and an empty contact lens fluid container.

Um, I don’t wear contacts.


But there is motivation to get out and run again. For one, I get to explore my new neighborhood which appears to be runner friendly considering the number of runners I see passing by my building every morning and evening. Also, the Royal Mail finally got around to delivering my hard-won prize from MCM Mama’s blog – a Bondi Band. It’s even more useful to me now since I got my haircut yesterday. I let the hairdresser do what she wanted (potentially dangerous considering she was French and didn’t speak much English) so I ended up with layered hair framing my face which can no longer be held back by my ponytail. The Bondi Band is a godsend. Thanks MM!

This week is chock-full of busy-ness with work, travel prep and a babysitting gig on Thursday night. That last one is payback for move-in day help. It’ll be me and four kids. I’m gonna be outnumbered, outsmarted and likely outstubborned. Now I know why some people drink so much. I may take up the habit myself. That is, if I survive the night.

Pray for me.

Sunday I take off for a two week mostly work/partly family trip. I’ll have the opportunity to post the first week but probably not the second. Hell, I may not post at all anyway. But you can trust in the fact that I’ll return with some photos which will cause some of you to riot and send me death threats for being such a lucky bitch.

I do so love it when that happens.

Anyhoo, gotta go. Catch up with you guys when I can.

Later gators.


K said...

Glad to hear you are all moved in and comfy. I saw you tried to post a comment on my trail shoes post, but for some reason blogger gave me an error message and then erased it.. :(

Jamoosh said...

What? No more pony tail? I am crushed. That's it, I am invading France tomorrow.

Lily on the Road said...

Glad you are in your new abode, despite the "left overs".

Have a great family vacay...and good luck with the "chilten's", babysitting was never one of my favs...

SteveQ said...

I'm still planning on ditching my ponytail as soon as I have to look respectable for something - that might be a while.

carpeviam said...

Let us know how that Bondi Band works for you. Seen 'em. Not sure about 'em.

Glad your move was smooth.

Jamie said...

4 kids? Good luck! I used to babysit 6 and that may be a big reason for the drinking to this day :)

Have a great trip!

Viper said...

Congrats on the move. Bon voyage! Two words of advice for babysitting: Duct tape. Cheers!

Haliku said...

Baby sitting? One work...burbon. You figure out who its for.:-) What doesn'tkill you makes you stronger and what the parents don't know...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

which of course smell like roses because angels don’t poo

Pffttt! So why do they have buttholes then?

Oooooo ... I get it. I see what you're implying about angels and their "back-door love" life-style.

At first I thought you wrote that you found two penis while moving furniture and I was gonna say they were mine because the last time I was in the UK?

I lost two penis in an angel's butt. Which isn't at all disgusting, because they don't poo. But even so, you can keep the penises because I don't want them back.

SteveQ said...

Rather than add the hyperlinks you requested, I'll just stash cut-and-paste links for you here. Dating story I mentioned (bottom section of post): http://stevequick.blogspot.com/2009/03/smart-pretty-and-interesting.html

SteveQ said...

And the legendary 2008 Chiwaupee race report: http://stevequick.blogspot.com/2008/05/2008-chiwaupee-race-report.html

RBR said...

Thanks for the kudos on my fur family. They are WAY cheaper and WAY less a pain in the ass than actual children, plus when you don't send them to college no one assumes it is because they are dumbasses.

Congrats on the new digs (pun not intended, but did make me chuckle)

Real athletes do not need shit like Gu. I saw gummy bears fall out of the hands of the dude that won the 50k version of the race I did last weekend. Swear to God. Ok, I am willing to swear to God, but that does not make the story less true.

joyRuN said...

I drink like a fish (Do they even drink? Why would they need to?) because of my two kids.

Good luck w/ the babysitting.

And where are the pics of your cute hair held back with a Bondi Band???

Did Tweedledee and Tweedledipshit ever pay you back?