Friday, 30 July 2010

Promises, promises

My cycle into work this morning was impeded by a film crew (I think it was for the show Lewis). I, along with the rest of the wheeled traffic, had to wait patiently until the shot was completed before we could go on our merry way. However, in my haste, I almost took out a production crew member. I apologized profusely for nearly running him down and he kindly accepted.

Last night the streak was continued as I completed a strength training session from the Self Challenge from a few years ago. I had to dust off my hand weights and noticed that I really need to vacuum the floor, but other than that things went smoothly. This evening I’m hoping to get in a short run on along the canal. However, if it ends up raining, I may do TaeBo instead.

Sunday I’ve signed up for a Body Balance class at the gym. It’s supposed to be a combination of yoga, pilates and tai chi. Since balance is severely lacking in my person (hello clumsiness), I thought I’d give it a go. Can’t hurt, right? Well, at least until I end up eating floor.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be an interesting day. Besides getting in a short run, I’m supposed to go back to the old flat and help clean up the common areas as part of our lease agreement which officially ends on Saturday. The Tweedles are supposedly now packing up the last of their stuff and will be helping in the cleaning. I have still not been paid back. The Tweedles came up with a whopper of an excuse last week why their repayment to me didn’t seem to end up in my account as promised. In reply, I said I expect to be paid back in cash tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, a few days ago they went communications silent. I have a feeling I’m gonna show up tomorrow and they’ll be completely gone, leaving me with all the cleaning and none of my promised money.

Tune in Monday to see whether I end up on the news for either (a) setting the house on fire in a fit of blind rage or (b) tracking the Tweedles down to parts unknown and beating the ever-loving hell out of them.

I’m pulling for option B.

Happy a great weekend, everyone.


Deb said...

Are you really certain you want to expend all that energy on running, Body Balance classes and/or TaeBo? 'Cause beating Teh Tweedles senseless (I mean, of course, even MORE senseless) sounds ever so much more appealing. Violent, physical fits of rage = a tremendously good workout.

The Merry said...

Xenia casually mentions her intention to go for a run on the canal.

I am seriously impressed. The best I could achieve would be a run along the canal.

Could you maybe clean half the mess and then get your half of the deposit? :)

Jamoosh said...

You should have blazed through the shot and gotten your fifteen seconds of fame!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

This evening I’m hoping to get in a short run on the canal.

Wait. You can run on water but you can't get a couple of deadbeat fucktards to repay you? You are the lamest Second Coming of Jebus ever.

That's like being a super hero whose super power is getting people to return their library books on time.

"Can you make them pay their $156 in fines too, Library Wench?"

"No, that is not one of my Powers."

Pffft! I suppose you're useless for doing anything about that guy who likes to wank in the sex ed section of the stacks, too.

But whatever! You can walk on water! I'm soooo impressed!

(My super power is sarcasm.)

Xenia said...

All right, Grammar Freaks, I've fixed it. You can go back to reading your dictionaries now.


Viper said...

I hope you see the Tweedles, get your money and then beat the ever-loving hell out them just for shits and giggles. Cheers!

BrianFlash said...

Gotta think positive thoughts about the ex roommates. Then, when it all goes bad, you can just take it as a life lesson and move on.

This will be easier if you can waylay the hell out of them.

Theresa said...

How annoying. Did you all put in a deposit, and can you hold their portion of it hostage?

barefootjosh said...

Inspector Lewis is one of the favorites in this house.

Aka Alice said...

LOL at having to dust off the hand weights (and underneath them). I am pretty sure mine are holding down some pretty sizable dust bunnies right now.

Good luck with the Tweedles. I hope you get to beat the crap out of 'em. It's make a better blog-story :-)

joyRuN said...

Can they teach you cool moves at Body Balance so you can fly through the air like Keanu Reeves in Matrix & beat the living shit out of the Tweedledipshits in a graceful yet awe-inspiring way?

Jamie said...

That is not cool. I hope the Tweedles show their pathetic selves with money in hand. Then punch them just because.

Jess said...

I have a pretty thick layer of dust on my handweights as well!

Hope the Tweedles fork over the dough soon. Otherwise, me and a baseball are always for hire.