Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Calgon, you know the deal

I was going to post a long detailed rant about the Tweedles, but then I read this via Merry’s blog and I just couldn’t do it. However I will allow myself a small rant:
  • Don’t say you’ll meet me at a certain time and then show up an hour late AFTER posting a stupid ‘trying-to-be-funny-but-pity-me’ status on FB at the time you should have been meeting me. Excuse FAIL.
  • Never let mathematically disinclined individuals sort out bills. The Tweedles still owe me the equivalent of $15 US and Dipshit looked at me as if to plead that I let them out of that. Not a fucking chance. They’re paying me the rest next week when they come back to Nerdtown.
  • Don’t whine to me about your pitiful little problems when they’re all self-created and minor. I’ve got bigger shit to deal with. Oh, and I don’t like you so I don’t care. Cry about it to someone who does.
And I’m done. I just want to get the last of my money as soon as possible so I can get them and their awful juju out of my life.

Since it’s pissing down outside and I’m shackled to my desk working on my dissertation yet again, I can’t help my mind from wandering to the last three days of my working holiday. They were the best three days of the whole lot, hell of pretty much this entire year. I’ll show you why.

Red Beach

Local delicacy - tomato balls. Didn't know tomatoes had balls. They were pretty tasty though.

The island behind the cruise ship is actually a volcano.

Yes, the teetotaler went to a winery for a wine tasting. Apparently I can tolerate reds better than whites and I really don't care for port. The cheese was super yummy though.

It was the first time I've ever been, but hopefully not the last.

Oh, and the streak continues (I’m on Day 8!), but I’ll talk about that more next time.

Later gators.


SteveQ said...

Huh. "Dolmades" has an eta for the first letter. "Eh. Dolmades," I guess.

Sadly, the Tweedles of the world rely on people cutting their losses and letting them get away with their tweeedledeenesses, otherwise, I'd say just cut your losses and forget them.

Jamie said...

The working holiday looks awesome! I want to go to there :)

Xenia said...

Steve, that's not an eta, it's a nu. The capital eta is H. The nt combo makes a 'D' sound in Greek.

The Merry said...

I love the pictures, they look gorgeous! What a contrast between that and the tweedles.

Jamoosh said...

Can't you just remove one of the Tweedle's arms and call it even?

Viper said...

I'd pay you $15 cash money for that arm. Go forth and sever relationships! Cheers!

BrianFlash said...

Your vacation shots are fantastic - good memories!

Is it worth the $15 to suffer through another visit? The aggrevation and bad memories? I'd say let it go and sever that nasty relationship a bit sooner.

joyRuN said...

Awww hell. After a heinous morning with my offspring, I want Calgon to take me to where you are. I'll even cut off a Tweedlearm for you.

Haliku said...

Great pics of Thira! I spent a bunch of time there when I last visited. Did you go to Akrotiri when you were at the Red Beach like a good archy student? Cheers.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh ya, stick it to me, GAH, just when I'm needing a vacay, you throw those pictures in my face ... BRAT! Whaaaaaaa, I wanna be there! LOL

Anyway, glad you had a good time even though you were diggin' it...

Nitmos said...

Man, this poor, college student life has got to be rough. I looked at those photos thinking How.Do.You.Deal? I even threw in a head shake and a tsk tsk.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, you know, where I come from, "Tomato Balls" is slang for female tits, which itself (the phrase "female tits", I mean) is not redundant because have you ever been to the Joisey shore? Not the one on MTV starring Da Coycumstance and Snook Doggy Dogg-style, but the real Joisey shore. Because the hairy male tomato balls on display there would be enough to make you nu in your eta or, if you're SteveQ and/or gay, eta in your nu.

But the point is, SteveQ was wrong and doesn't know his nu from his eta, which really explains a lot about him.

But if you really think about it? No it doesn't.

Point is, if you talk about tomato balls on your blog again? You gotta upload a picture of yours.

Now THAT's how we streaked back in the '70s!

Grampa Simpson - OUT!

Spike said...

Tweedles suck, but you have to hold them accountable; patience must prevail. And never fear a resort to violence to their stuff, breaking things is very therapeutic.

Ms. V. said...

Gorgeous photos...!

RBR said...

I was going to say...

Of course, tomatoes have balls, where do you think baby tomatoes come from?

But of course, G, commented on that line before me and threw in a Jersey Shore reference, so... damn.

Gorgeous pictures. Shit! Ms. V said that before me too..

Oh, tomato balls!

Sheryl said...

oh boy, these pictures make my heart ache! I want to travel so badly!

congrats on your streak! =)