Friday, 17 June 2011

Law of the land

Today’s forecast was for heavy rain. When I woke up super late this morning (thanks insomnia), I peeked out the window – the skies looked ominous and had already begun to sprinkle. Needing little encouragement, I decided to forgo my run. The kicker? Now it’s over five hours later and it has yet to downpour. But I know the moment I step outside to get that run in, the heavens will open. My life forever abides by Sod’s Law.

It’s been almost four weeks since the last time I laced up my running shoes and hit the pavement and I’m definitely feeling the effects. I’m sluggish, not sleeping well, eating horribly and am generally an anti-social grump. Well, okay, that last one is my normal state, but it’s actually gotten worse. I’m scarier than usual now. It’s rather frightening actually.

I’d say I feel like a sloth, but every time I think of a sloth now, I remember this image:

Adorable, no?

Yeah, I can never get anywhere near this level of cute. The bags under my eyes and especially the nice blue tint to the under eye skin which I fear is now permanent have forever destroyed that possibility.

So I sit here in my slovenly state—loose pj top, hooded cardigan and sweatpants rolled up to my knees—editing yet another chapter which is taking ages longer than expected thanks to a chance find this morning of a page in one of my notebooks full of my supervisor’s comments on an earlier draft of said chapter....which I never got around to completing. Go me.

I’m supposed to be moving next week. Have I packed yet? Hell no. I’m still working on the damned dissertation and trying not to cry when I take a look at my to-do list on my whiteboard. So many things listed, not enough crossed out. Bah.

Hey, speaking of my dissertation and self-imposed life of nerdery, you have my permission to hunt me down and smack me soundly if I ever even remotely sound like this ass-hat.

Seriously. What an uppity bitch. Someone’s mother didn’t raise them right.

Speaking of mothers (don’t you just love my lame segues today?), my mom is embarking on a campaign of epic proportions. As of Wednesday, Momma X quit smoking. She’s been a smoker for 40 years, people, so this is no small matter. I know some of you are ex-smokers or are close to those who are so if you have any advice or words of encouragement for Momma X, they would be greatly appreciated.

All right, folks, that it for me. Have a great weekend.

Later gators.


joyRuN said...

Go Mama X! It's not an easy battle, but definitely worth it.

As for the cute pic of the sloth, all I can think of is that the poor thing is looking for the wrong tit.

SteveQ said...

I've been searching for images of "slow loris." 20 minutes so far of me going, "Awwwwwww!" Some animals are just too cute.

The Merry said...

Oh lord. "I'm not a crazy person, I am a highly educated person." Sounds like a classic example of someone trying to finish a dissertation, to me ;)

Go Xenia! It will feel /so/ good when you're done with dissing.

Viper said...

Congrats to your mother. My advice: be supportive and don't be offended when she gets bitchy from withdrawal. Good luck getting you editing done. Cheers!

Deb said...

You can do it, Momma X!!

Tyger Lily said...

Way to go Momma X! I am an ex-smoker and know it's not easy but stick to it! Won't regret it!

The sloth is adorable....the well educated douche bag is NOT.

Razz said...

Go Mama X!!! Do it for your slovenly daughter! :)