Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Op Ed

This post has too many words and needed an image, so here you go.

It’s been over two weeks now and I still haven’t run. Bah.

Because of this running lull, I’ve been steering clear of reading running blogs lately so as not to remind myself of my running failure. But I’m reminded of it all the same thanks to the soul-crushing worthless time-suck that is Facebook.

Some of the people I went to high school with (who tracked me down on FB and now I can’t seem to shake) have recently taken up running. Some have just completed their first races. They’re proud of their accomplishment as they should be because it is an achievement. However, there’s one girl who is driving me up a wall. She has a Nike thing which posts her distances every time she runs. All her status updates are about running and of course most of her photos too. She yaks on and on about races and the like on a daily basis, clogging my newsfeed and severely taxing my few remaining functional brain cells.

All I want to say to her is: You like to run, we get it. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!

Now granted I have a running blog and follow a bunch of running blogs (when not trying to ignore my personal lack of running, that is). However, when I did have a running life, I very rarely shared it on FB. I posted some photos of my first ever race, first marathon and then the costumed races I’ve done but that’s pretty much it. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about daily runs or race results or anything like that. That’s pretty much because running is personal to me and I’d like to keep it that way. My close friends and family know about it but that’s it. Except for the blog of course. But here I get to be anonymous (or pretend I am anyway). Also, I know that the people who do visit my blog probably have an interest in running since it’s one of the main themes (or at least used to be).

I know part of my objection to this girl’s overly publicized running craze is because I’m jealous – jealous of her enthusiasm and dedication. She’s running probably four to five days a week and she’s doing it because she wants to, because it makes her happy. I can’t even manage one run in a two week span and the only reason I feel the need to run right now is because I’m worried about my weight.

Where did my love for running go? Well it would appear to be stuck under the crushing burden of a dissertation, new job, moving house, etc. You know, real life. It’s still there. It’s just going to take a bit of time to unbury it. But it will happen, I know this. I just need to be patient.

The main reason this girl bothers me is because she’s being a massive attention-seeking whore. In the beginning, she was getting what she wanted – lots of people commenting about how amazing she was, etc. Now however, a couple months in, those comments are few and far between. Unfortunately this hasn’t decreased the frequency of her postings. She will now join the ranks of those people I’ve blocked from my newsfeed—mainly overly political types, new parents who post hundreds of photos and hourly updates on their offspring, and my emo 18-year old cousin with her ‘I’m upset but don’t want to talk about it’ statuses.

Now I’ve probably offended a bunch of you, but that was not my intention. I admit to having a double standard. Before I instituted a moratorium on friending people on FB whom I’d never met in real life, I did friend some bloggers. You share your blogs, training stories and photos on FB, but I expect and want to hear that from you. You also share other aspects of your lives, funny links and the like. The key is it’s all done in moderation. That’s the way it should be.

All right, time for me to fall off my high horse and get back to work. Later gators.


SteveQ said...

I have 56 people waiting to be my friend on Facebook, though my page is completely empty. 53 of them are trail runners. I think that, if I actually used FB, I'd pretty much HAVE to talk about running.

Troubled 18 year-old cousin, eh? Would she like me to tweet her photos of me shirtless (c'mon. there has to be someone who wants that, though I've had no takers.)

My Google Reader is constantly full of blog posts by the same two people - I'm planning to delete at least one, maybe both.

Mike said...

What is this "Facebook" of which you speak?

The Merry said...

No no no, SteveQ. First you go into politics, then you start sending naughty pictures.

Ms. X, if I ever joined F-book, I'd probably start sending out fake messages about how wonderfully I was doing on the exercise front. For instance, did you know that I just ran 20 miles while juggling walrus tusks to raise money for orphaned otters? Tomorrow, I'm planning to swim the English channel. Or surf the BBC-America channel. Something like that.

Keith said...

There are tools fb offers that let you block a person or specific content. Check out the little x that appears off to the right of a persons post when float your mouse over ther. That should make your life happier. But it will make mine less happy because it removes the material building up the pressur for a rant.

Nitmos said...

Facebook is Douche Central.

Yes, yes, I like this kind of commentary....let the hate feed you....feel it flow through your limbs and out your rapidly typing fingers... NOW, go dissertationing!

Jamoosh said...

This is a running blog...

joyRuN said...

I've hidden quite a few feeds from FB, even a few from other very enthusiastic runners.

It's not the running I have a problem with, it's the enthusiasm. Such level of eager happiness grates on my grouchy nerves.