Monday, 4 July 2011

Change of scene

The move is complete. I now live in my new city which I have dubbed Port Nerd. Port Nerd is quite different from Nerdtown. It’s bigger and less picturesque (it had the hell bombed out of it during WWII), but it has greater shopping options (especially for someone without a car) and a cheaper standard of living. It’s also on the south coast so there’s usually a nice sea breeze to be enjoyed.

So far I’m happy with the change in living situations. I’m currently in a temporary apartment until my permanent one is ready in September. I’ve left some of my stuff in boxes, because I don’t want to deal with repacking it again in a few months. Since my last apartment was fully furnished, it’s a bit sparse for furniture around here. I’m actually still waiting for my mattress to be delivered (come on Wednesday!) so I’m sleeping on an air mattress. Surprisingly it’s quite comfortable.

I realize most of you (Americans) are enjoying the end of your long weekend, celebrating our independence from the imperialist bastards whose country I inhabit. My English bosses have seen fit to schedule a big meeting for today. How kind of them. So while you all are eating hamburgers and putting sparklers in inappropriate places, I’ll be stuck in a meeting imagining a spectacular patriotic display wherein I escape the meeting, hijack a cargo boat full of PG Tips (that would be tea, people) and set it on fire in the harbor with “AMERICA RULZ, BRITAIN DROOLS” painted on the sides.

A girl can dream.

Happy 4th, my fellow Americans. To my international readers, happy Monday. Try not to kill anyone, mkay.

Later gators.


Deb said...

HAPPY 4TH!!! I ran the "Patriot 5K" yesterday, and I ran like the wind in an effort to avoid the bad, patriotic music they were blaring. Apparently, "I'm Proud to be an American" disgusts me so much that it can nearly propel me to a PR. Who knew? They did give me one of those awesome red, white and blue popsicles at the finish line, though, so it was all good. They probably don't even sell those popsicles over there, huh? It might take valuable store shelf space away from spotted dick or something else equally English and vile.

Razz said...

nice digs. why did this post on both of your blogs. It's sooo annoying when people do that. *looking around*

SteveQ said...

I love the south coast of England, particularly Thomas Hardy's Dorset (as opposed to Dorset as anyone else has ever experienced it). If I lived there, all my posts would probably be about local farmhouse cider, so it's probably best for others and my liver that I'm here.

Carolina John said...

Moving sucks any way you look at it. At least you made it through unscathed. Eat a hot dog just for giggles, k?