Monday, 14 November 2011

Interim report

Apparently I'm missed by a couple of you. Who knew? Although I find it ironic that the one who seems to be most irate about my absence (*cough*Deb*cough*) deleted her own blog ages ago and became a permanent commenter-stalker type person. Huh.

Well, here's your freaking update, you nosy nellies. And in list form no less.
1.) I'm alive.
2.) I didn't run that half marathon in October.
3.) I didn't really train for it either, so that worked out.
4.) I haven't run in two months. Go me.
5.) I still read some of your blog posts, but, as you can tell, I don't comment much.
6.) Probably for the best really.
7.) I moved to my permanent flat a week before the DNS half marathon.
8.) The apartment was still undergoing renovations when I moved in. Lovely.
9.) A week later I went to Italy for three weeks for work.
10.) I returned to an almost completed flat.
11.) My sister arrived two days later.
12.) Her visit consisted of buying a bunch of stuff for the flat and her being very cool and cleaning and organizing it all for me.
13.) I have the best sister ever.
14.) However, I went from owning very little to "Sweet jesus, how did I get so much stuff and where do I put it all?!"
15.) I'm busy with work.
16.) And still working on the Thing That Shall Not Be Named.
17.) Seriously, don't mention it. At. All. It's given me a permanent eye twitch and a shitty sleep pattern.
18.) I actually have nightmares about it.
19.) But if I ever want to live like a real person, I need to finish it so I'm gonna go back into seclusion now.
20.) Later, bitches.


Viper said...

Well, at least you're alive. Keep it up. Cheers!

Morgan said...

I concur, cheers to being alive!!!

Deb said...

I find I'm a much better stalker than a blogger...and there you go encouraging me by actually RESPONDING, so now you'll NEVER get any peace! HA!

You WILL finish The Thing That Shall Not Be Named. Believe it.

The Merry said...

I just figured you weren't speaking to us ;)

Tyger Lily said...

Being alive is good.....glad to hear from ya :)

Keith said...

You never know where that fashionista from Belarus is going to show up. My blog, every once in a long while, even.

I'm glad she badgered you into blogging. I'm glad someone has a sister that's good for something. I'm not glad you haven't finished Voldmort yet. All the time you've spent on airplanes jet setting around I'd have thought you'd have it wrapped up in airport waiting rooms by now. Hang in there.

I've heard if you leave cookies and milk beside the typewriter, brownies come and write for you. Good luck with that.

Carolina John said...

Construction can be a real nightmare. No fun at all! At least you're getting settled now, everything else will fall into place I'm sure.

Deb said...

EIGHTH! See! I am NOT your only stalker.

joyRuN said...

Can I borrow your sister?