Monday, 30 January 2012


My plans for January have not exactly been successful. Work-work is going just fine. Work on the TTSNBN has been slow, but there has been notable progress which pleased my advisor. As for exercise, I’ve done some walks but no runs nor anything else that can be classified as a workout.

Obviously I need to re-evaluate my cunning plan.

What has been preventing me from achieving my exercise and TTSNBN goals? I think the main issue is that I have no daily accountability which allows one day of missed goals to roll into another and then it just snowballs from there. There are a few people in my life who check on me regularly about the TTSNBN, including my mother and sister. Unfortunately their good intentions can make me quite cranky. I then feel super guilty and apologize for being such a massively ungrateful bitch, but the cycle repeats nonetheless. The same goes for exercise. I have no daily accountability so I don’t do it.

So how do I remedy this situation and get on track to accomplish my 2012 goals?

First off, I’m staying with the 3 things a day method. However, now I’m going to stay accountable by posting on the blog EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next month. You read that right – I’m going to bore all you poor bastards to tears for the entire month of February with my daily activities. Aren’t you excited?!

Yeah, I didn’t think so. But you’re gonna have to deal with it anyway because this is happening.

Merry at Sheesh has used this daily blogging strategy to great success, so I’m totally co-opting it. (Thanks, Merry!) I have some work travel to deal with in March and I’m going to be away for pretty much all of April, so I need to get these good habits rooted now while I have the opportunity and hope to god they stick when I’m living out of a suitcase.

The 3 things a day will remain the same – (1) workout of the day, (2) TTSNBN task and (3) work-work task. However, on the weekend, the work-work task will be replaced with a fun task of my choice, probably a craft project since I’m currently obsessed with decorating my flat. The 3-things per day need to be very focused.  The workouts will be at least 30 minutes in duration, with extra walking during warm-ups and cooldowns when doing the baby runs (c. 2 miles). The specified TTSNBN and work tasks will be no more than one hour because god knows I’ve got other stuff I need to get through each day (meetings, correspondence, etc.). Ideally I’ll be so motivated I’ll keep going and get even more done, but as long as I get these tasks completed, it’ll be a solid productive day. For the sake of preserving my pseudo-anonymity though, I’ll keep the description of the TTSNBN and work tasks kinda general on the blog.

I’ll post my goals for the day in the morning and then update the post at the end of the day with my results. At the end of February, I’ll tally the results and if I earn an A (90% or better completion rate) then I get to book a mini-holiday. I’ve got a long list of places I want to visit both in the UK and on the continent. This is just the motivation I need to finally get off my butt and get to see one of them…if I earn it, that is.

The plus side for you guys is that if I’m posting every day, the posts should be rather short. Easy for you guys to skim or skip over entirely. I’m generous, no?

I’m so determined to get to it that I’m starting early. Daily 3-things posting begins today. And the nominees things are:

1 - Run 2 miles
2 - format and edits tables for section 8.2
3 - add 50 more entries into catalogue spreadsheet

UPDATE: Check, check and check. I'm on FI-YAH! (Ok, not really on fire, but it makes it sound like more of an amazing achievement that way.)

See you later today with my results.

Happy Monday, homies.


Keith said...

Good thing you warned us. Think of the shock to our systems were we to see two consecutive daily posts without warning.

Good luck with all that. Habits are hard.

Carolina John said...

ah crap now we're going to get daily updates? Whatever it takes to stay on task. Get 'er done girl!

Viper said...

It's amazing what accountability will do for you. Now get to work! Cheers ...

Pam said...

But who is in charge of your 3-post accountability? Would anyone notice if you skipped a post here or there? Nah, it's no big deal. You can do it tomorrow. Go on. Take a day off. You work hard. And have a piece of cake.


And THAT is called ENABLING.

The Merry said...

Another site I've been hearing about is

It's supposed to make getting that daily workout done to be more like a competition and less like a chore.

joyRuN said...

So that's why my Reader's all crazy HIGH with the unread count.