Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dun-dun dun-dun

Uh oh.

So yesterday was a bust work-wise. My first fail--two in fact. If I cock up more than six additional list items in the next three weeks then I won't be earning my reward for the month. Balls. On top of my three things for today, I'm paying penance and will make up the work from yesterday as well. And all before my massage after work today when the nice masseuse beats the ever-loving hell out of my knotted-up back.

Yesterday's first ever attempt with 30 Day Shred has already left me sore in the butt and inner thigh area. (There's plenty of inappropriate jokes to be made here but I don't have time so just assume I've made one.) It's a good workout though so I hope to do it at least twice a week for the rest of the month.

Last night I had a frustrating running dream. A reoccuring one in fact but which I've not had in a while. I dream I show up late to a race and spend my entire time trying to find and stay on the course to finish it, but I'm never successful. It drives me nuts.

All right, enough of the bitching. Time to get to it.

Tuesday's to-do:
1 - Walk 30 minutes.
2 - edit tables in Appendix 1.2
3 - Add 50 more entries to catalogue spreadsheet.
UPDATE: Done, done and done. Still need to finish the leftovers from yesterday though.


Carolina John said...

At least the work stuff is what didn't happen yesterday and you still got the p90x in. It's no fun playing catchup, but you'll make up for it today. Plenty of time.

Viper said...

A little failure is to be expected in life. Adapt and overcome. Don't be the dinosaur. Cheers!

joyRuN said...

I even cleaned the bathrooms yesterday. Maybe I can get some dusting in today.

Let's get to it!