Friday, 3 February 2012

Journey to the center of nerdom

I'm off to Nerdtown for the day to use their library which is a thousand times better than the one at Port Nerd U. There's no freaking way I won't accomplish my three things today (barring natural disaster, transportation strike or free doughnuts) but I'll post them anyway. Gotta keep to the plan.

Friday's things:
1 - Walk 30 minutes. (This will be taken care of with the minimum 4 miles I'll get in with walking to and from the train stations.)
2 - Check TTSNBN references. (I'll only get through a fraction of them, but better something than nothing.)
3 - Begin identifying catalogue items. (Epigraphy and I have a somewhat tenuous relationship. We'll see who gets the upper hand today.)
UPDATE: Check, check and check.

Happy weekend, everyone.


Keith said...

Epigraphy huh. That's ambitious. You are going to go back through the internet time machine and read old blogs from GQH?

Carolina John said...

Have a great weekend X!

Viper said...

No slacking over the weekend. I need dinosaurs! Cheers!

Nitmos said...

Epigraphy? Look at you going all wordy on us. Nerd.

Jamoosh said...

I am laughing out loud at today's dinos!