Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Keep your receipt


I spent the entire morning dealing with my vacuum which decided to die on me last night. A-hole hoover. Unfortunately, I didn't keep my receipt, but the awesome people at Argos were fabulous and let me exchange it anyway. I love them. This whole ordeal definitely counts as one of my three things for the day.

Tuesday's things:
1 - Exercise, any form.
2 - Exchange vacuum.
3 - Edit Chapter 9.
UPDATE: One fail and two checks. To hell with it. I'm doing the dishes and going to bed early instead.

Here are a few extra dino images for your continued amusement.

I might have to try this one day.

Tomorrow is the last dino day. And we're going out with a bang. Heh.


Lily on the Road said...

When you are finished hoovering, you can come to my place because my ratbastard hoover died and can't be replaced.

WAAAAA (again) on the end of the dino's....I know, I need a life!

Viper said...

Vacuum cleaners suck ... HAHAhahahaheeheehohohehehehichemhuhuheeheeheehoohahahohum. No really, they do. We bought a new vac when still in the apartment, and it died immediately. We bought a house with mostly hardwood floors. Cheers!

SteveQ said...

I got a notice that my water meter has to be replaced. That means I have to clean a path to it so the guy can work. Maybe I can make some money out of it if I can get on one of those hoarders shows.

joyRuN said...

I managed to resurrect my vacuum a couple of months ago. The thing is more than 7 years old!

I hate vacuuming. HATE IT.